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2005.06.07 11:13 a.m.

i still don't feel like writing in here.
but i do feel like showing off..

yesterday we had a mock audition at powerhouse casting with brian levy (one of the biggest casting directors here). loooonnnggg story short: michael (my teacher) said 'brian levy loved you. he said you were the real deal' etc etc. apparantly he went on about me..which is so awesome. and then michael said that he named his top three out of everyone in the class (40 or so of us) and he said i was NUMBER ONE. fucking right.

don't worry, i'm far more modest around my classmates..well..except the constant humping and pumping my fists in the air and yelling "I'M NUMBER ONE".
good times.

besides that...............yeah.
it's prince's birthday i should track him down and say hey.

train 48 got cancelled so i bet the hot guy from the show that lives near me will need consolation. i saw him and look at him.

sometimes i see sloan riding his bike. fine i don't even know which sloan it is. i thought of the junior pantherz when i saw him and theni saw the junior pantherz..

fucking maybe smith is playing at the same fucking time as sylvie. what the eff?
you can vote on which one i should go to.

the mark inside's re-done album is out nationally today. so hit that shit.
dose magazine had a hot blurb about them. saying if treble charger had gotten bolder instead of richer they could have put out something like this.
that's hot.

michael and everyone realy.. should be nice to me now that i'm NUMBER ONE.

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