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2006.05.12 12:58 p.m.

new /private. because i didn't spew enough in this entry i know.

Did you know:
the person the I most frequently drunk-dial is my mother.

So we did join the Y. Good for me. They're subsidising my fees so I'm paying about 25 dollars a month. Which is a good deal. And I can use my card at any Y across the country. That's a lot of places. Maybe I should plan a road trip just to hit up a lot of Y's.

Nay and I worked out for a really long time on Wednesday. We did the rowing machine (which my shoulders still kill from) and the weight machines and then we went and did our yoga and stretches in the studio (fucking sun salutations can really do you in). Then we went for a swim.

Yeah I really felt that work out the next day.

I went to see Art School Confidential with Sophia Wednesday night.
I was disapointed.
It just wasn't that good. And since it had the same team as Ghostworld I was really expecting a lot of it.
It just didn't work.
But I'll probably watch it again.

I worked a day game yesterday and it was dead slow. I left slightly early on account of I had to get ready for my big premiere.
I stayed long enough to make tips but left before having to do all the closing stuff.

Then I went out for Dinner with Marika, Sophia, their friends, and Chris.
A lot of Ryerson kids were there. And Sarah Polley was having a production meeting so some of the kids invited her to the festival. She looked very uncomfortable.

It's weird seeing idols in person. I mean, if I had an ounce of her power.

I started drinking at dinner.

Miranada and her friend John came to the premiere. It was in the theatre by my house. On the big screen and all.

It was neat.
Yeah. It was definitely neat. Having the audience laugh at stuff I forgot was funny or having people react to things that we did. So fucked up.
I really felt involved in this movie. Moreso than the other student films I worked on. Mostly because Jamie and I were pretty in on the whole process. Seeing revision after revision and getting to work on it.

I was excited.

The rest of the movies were pretty impressive. There were a couple that I wasn't into. But overall they were neat. Tim's was awesome. Awesome. It got into the TIFF student showcase I hear. And it totally deserved it. It was about colour bars (and Tim totally knew about Elliott Smith's song. Therefore he wins my affection).
Cloud Breaker was also amazing. And Chris did the cinematography and Jamie the art direction. The kid in that movie was fantastic.

I honestly really like ours. For realz.

I went out partying with the kids afterwards. To Cobalt and Sneakydee's and then to some girl's house.

I got overly-drunk. Quelle surprise.

Honestly I like these kids a lot. This is the group of people I expected to meet when I went to school. But my classmates were illiterate and lazy.
Not that I don't love them all. But.

Last night was like some specific excercise in how I'm not all-over boys right now. I like to think I have crushes on people.. but..
I don't care.

Man I really wish I cared.

I got mad hit on by this one actor-guy. It was pretty hilarious. The meaner I got the more he was interested. I think upon meeting him I said "Who is this guy? I fucking hate this kid. What a dick." For no reason. He was awkwardly forward and really bizarre.

Apparantly he kept saying to Sophia "that Meredith is one hot cookie"
LOL real-time.

What an idiot.

I talked to this kid, J Adam, for a bit about how we're actors. He's apparantly done a bunch of stuff which I didn't really know about. His movie at the screening was pretty excellent. And he was in it and directed it. I talked to him at another party for a long time and I guess I told him I was a bad actor (not that I'd remember because I'm always drunk). After the screening he told me that he thought I was really good.

Later Jamie told me that J Adam was in a movie with JTT. A movie where he beats up JTT in the shower. And, of course, I knew that one.
Jamie and I watched his scenes later and J Adam totally mouth-rapes JTT. HAHAH what the fuck? I knew he looked familiar.
I hate that kid.

Actually I like J Adam and intend on asking him everything about Jonathan. Obviously.

I think I was telling secrets and stuff yesterday. Shit. I have such a mouth.

I bonded with Norman about music (specifically indie rock which is our favourite) and with Morgan about relationships I think.. but I have little recollection of that conversation.

People I didn't know kept pulling me aside to tell me they thought I was really good. I think I was swearing at a lot of them. Classy.

It was dreamy really.

Chris says he's writing another movie he wants me to be in.

Jamie walked home with me and held the umbrella only over me. When he's not irritating me and specifically trying to be an asshole, he's actually kind of a sweet bud.
He's leant me everything David Lynch. So that'll keep me busy for a bit.

I think it's time to clean up around here.
I feel disgusted. But delightfully not hungover.

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