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2004.12.07 9:28 a.m.

well, i've effed up my ankle again. i'm actually technically worried that i will have problems in school with it. but what if i told them and then they didn't want me to come back?

and i feel so sick this morning. nachos will be my downfall. seriously i can't not eat them.
actually, i have little to no self-control. unless i can convince myself i don't actually want it, i will make an effort to get it.

work yesterday was so long. i can't even explain. nine hours in the mall makes me want to claw my eyes out. and there were so many of us on. and it really wasn't that busy. i mean, not busy enough to warrant that amount of staff. leaving the mall at night i was unbelievably happy to be able to run. i grow so sick of pacing the same tiny room for hours and hours. especially in the weird back-forth dance of retail. how tiring.
i'm excited for all the days when i work both jobs.

i put too much sugar in my tea.

i came home and i really didn't do much for quite awhile. it amazes me how little i can do. i blame the computer.
i have so much to do. it's getting to the point where i'm just straight-up fucking myself over. i'm going to try and get organized this morning..but i mean, i already over-slept and am spending too much time here.

i did end up going to see the plan last night. it was good fun. not that i deserve any until i do my dammit work.
i hadn't seen steve in awhile, and boy does she have some drama. actually most people i know do these days..part of being young i guess?
steve's friend t. also came, she's the one who kissed const last week (and hasn't been calling him back). she's kissed a lot of people lately. to the point where it's as emotionally invested as waving. so we kept making waving jokes. the whole thing was pretty funny.
especially when he wrote his name as 'sean' and she said "oh, is that your name?" (i think she knew that..but you can never be sure.
t. made a new rule: no kissing people you don't know their last names.
to which i added: or their firsts.

i danced quite a bit and it was amazingly fun. it did make me miss markinside though. especially when everyone went up onstage at the end. me and p-cilla used to always dance onstage. once i danced on a broken beer bottle in my flipflops. mmm bloody. that was the same night geoff used a broken beer bottle as a capo(sp?) of sorts. that's hot rocknroll shit.

const hung out with us a lot after they were done and we mostly just made fun of him..for a long period of time..about a lot of things. and poked his elbow. steve couldn't stop staring at it during the show.
it's interesting to see const with t. because the roles are reversed.
i do find him pretty amusing. and sweet.
it makes me kind of sad that i don't shake or blush or tense when i see him though. i kind of miss that.

i really love good-smelling sweaters.

i only work for six hours today. and by only i mean, holy shit do i ever not want to go back there. ever.

i'm scaring myself with my lack of motivation and self-control. i'm nervous that i'm never going to change.

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