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2005.01.11 11:24 a.m.

hmmm. i'm pretty grumpy all the time. i'm glad i'm not friends with me.

things are fine over here. a little too much hurry up and wait. but that's what my life will always be about it seems.

i miss saskatoon. i do. it's becoming my only identity. i'm constantly talking about it. how irritating for everyone else. i've been watching too much corner gas (but it is too funny).

yesterday was the longest day. today will also be the longest day. it seems ridiculous to have school from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. especially because of the giant breaks in the middle. the computer lab will become my best friend. if i were a good and practical person i would use these (many many) hours to do homework and also to read and to work on my tv show and other things. but i won't!

i like all my teachers so far. i mean, i knew 2 out of 3 of them before. but still. today's class with michael was pretty good. he reminds me a little of don mckellar. in a good way. and he has glasses just like jpr.
he just seems really sweet and easy going. but also professional and knowledgable. he works as an acting coach on lots of movies as well as doing independent classes and whatnot.
i like it when my teachers are still working in the industry.

we played charades. i've never played charades before. i was too good at it. i think michael likes me. now i just have to keep it that way so that he can root for me not getting kicked out of the program (although since neil's forgotten that he hates seems unlikely).

michael is in parkbench's new movie and i talked to him about that a bit. i've wondered what park would be like to work with. well..michael seems to like him and think he's very professional and talented. interesting.

we have more new teachers this afternoon. after too long of a break. gah.

i met katrina's older brother yesterday. he was pretty cute. what's most cute about him is that he's a nurse at the children's hospital. i like katrina a lot.

oh good newses!
1. erica is back. and in my group. and she just got messed up and missed first classes.
2. viv seems great and healthy and spry.
3. ali's not in my group. (i don't know if i could have done it...)

i really need a stage name. i decided. it's integral. jane something. suggestions are welcome i guess.

i'm hungry. why does food cost money? eating is so pointless. it's all gone so quick. oh i wish i'd brought that fudge from home.
yeah, i opened my january present (i have a present for every month from niki) and it was fudge. and it was delicious. and i didn't even eat all of it in one go.
i talked to her for quite a while last night. you'd think since it's been less than a week we would have much to say.
especially since i don't really do anything.

niki should move here. the city would be better with her in it.

viv's excited that my mum's coming to visit..only viv. she kills me.

ew. i still have time to kill. many a time.

i want some letters. and that we don't become irrelevant to each other..even though it's bound to happen.

i miss my kittens.

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