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2006.03.09 3:54 p.m.

mmm. strawberries.
Especially in smoothie format.

Have you ever noticed how much time I spend talking about food on here? I'm addicted to eating. Someone should create fake-eating. I just like the act. I don't like how it feels when I get overly-full and gross. Oh, I also like the preparation... so fake that somehow too.

Last night Ali and I went over to Priscilla's to take care of her. Because she was sad. For just cause.
So we brought her treats of sushi and mini eggs and chips. And we went and hung out with her.
And ate the food. Virtually all the food. We're good friends like that I guess.
It was kind of nice. Just spending time, you know?
Ali left and P and I were going to watch The Aristocrats. But then she fell asleep, so I decided to go home.

I wasn't overly-impressed with The Aristocrats. I didn't think the joke was particualarly funny. It was too built up for me anyway.

I did borrow season one of Grey's Anatomy from P though, and I watched a lot of that last night. And this morning.
Except there was only one disk in the case.. so now I'm out of episodes!
Fuck it's addicting. I have to figure out how to do that. But I can't keep track of why it's good while I'm watching. I get too into it. I can't keep perspective. Same with My So-Called Life. And everything really.

There's something about America's Next Top Model... It just makes me happy. I love the photoshoots. It's kind of like how I love fashion magazines - they don't make me feel bad about myself. It's bizarre. I just feel happy to be okay-looking. And it makes me want to be a photographer. And a model.
And mostly an actor (which is like being a model.. but more fun).

Tonight Ali, P, and I are having a soup party. Where I make soup. Hahahaha they think I can cook. Quelle surprise for them.
It may also involve tarot cards and girltalk. But mostly soup.

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