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2006.01.24 2:19 p.m.

I really want some poutine.

Although, generally I'd say the weather has no influence on mood, today's seems pretty fitting.
It's grey and very windy (I can hear it all around my room) and sleet-snowing.
And I'm just tired and feeling worn-through. Irritable and boring.

This house really needs to be cleaned. And I know I'd feel better if I just did it... but I'm not. The toilet wouldn't stop running this morning and that made me pretty nervous. But it seems to have stopped. Knock wood. It seems like after living on my own for two years I'd be more prepared to deal with situations like that. But I'm not.

I can't believe I've only been back for two weeks. It feels like forever.
And, honestly, I'm not really missing saskatoon right now. I am in a vague way, but I'm getting good at shutting down feelings and things.
Also, I know that I wouldn't be having that great of a time there either - i just can't think of a job I'd be really happy doing.

Fix it!

I had a pretty fun audition yesterday. Some students at the Canadian Film Centre are making short videos for cellphones. They're doing black and white silent films and the example they showed me was quite neat.
The girls reminded me of Deirdre (sp?) and Brenna. Girlfriends of two of my favorite people, so it was reassuring. They seemed really nice, and I think I did an okay job.

I went to Indigo and spent my gift certificate. I bought a blank(no lines) notebook, a vegetarian cookbook and some mints. It was a good haul I'd say. I wish books weren't so much money. There was a bunch of stuff I wanted. Mostly books of short stories.

Priscilla called later to say that she ran into the markinside boys and that she and Geordie discussed ways to kill me. I mean, only for my apartment. Nice.
They're going to play shows soon, I hope. I could use a bit more dancing in my life. I'm especially excited for them playing with RunChicoRun.

I got an unexpected telephone call from Ellen, so I went and met her for tea downtown. That was pretty sweet. We had some good talks, and, as always, it wasn't long enough. Not nearly.

I voted. It seems like we shouldn't vote in pencil.

Priscilla brought me to an election party at her new house. She and Chris are moving in February. So I won't have on-the-block neighbors anymore. But they'll still be close by. Her new roommates were good. Emily and Carla. Emily looks/acts/dresses a lot like kaliah (sp?). I really got along with Carla, our birthday are only six days apart. She's taking math and astro-physics and stuff and she had a sweet, sweet dinosaur shirt on.
There was a bunch of boy-drama going on near the end, but I was thankfully no part of it.
Priscilla's lucky to have found a sweet place, and she has a big bedroom with giant windows.

So apparantly I might have a cat. For a bit at least. Chris isn't sure if they'll let him bring Figaro to his new house so he might come stay with me for a bit. That's chill. Figaro is pretty laid-back.

I drank a fourty last night and I had many dreams of drinking water, I may have been a bit dehydrated.

I'm really unimpressed with my hair lately.
I need more going on.

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