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2005.10.23 5:39 p.m.

ron sexsmith's 'maybe this christmas' is really quite lovely. ron's girlfriend lives two houses down from where katrina and nathanael used to live and nathanael would always see him and one time he said 'hi ron' and ron was really glad.
actually, most of the oc christmas mix is really really nice.

okay. i'm seriously addicted to new music. if i were rich i would buy it. but downloading is so free.
i'm all over m.i.a., cocorosie, sufjan stevens, joanna newsom, deerhood, etc.
but i do wish i had money to buy it all properly.

actually, i wish i had money for many things.

yesterday i decided it would be a good idea to wear sandals even though it was raining and no more than 7 degrees. i was sad.

yesterday i convocated. that was exciting. except not at all. it was fine. probably the best of those ceremonies i've ever been to. the comedy kids all fell. too funny. like one after another (on purpose) they all tripped or fell over or were pushed. one guy did a summersault.
and oscar peterson was there. that was odd.

it was neat meeting everyone's parents. it explained a lot. carla's family was the best. so so funny. everyone was such a reflection of their families. i wish my families could have been there too.

nathanael and i took ttc home together and talked. i adore him really. he's been one of my favorites since the beginning of the program. ever since he said "meredith, where are you going to get your milk now?" and i said "what?" and he said "well, you left your cows at home in saskatchewan, right?".
he asked if i new any girls he could date. i wish i did. maybe i'll find him one, he's pretty awesome.

i was talking to damon and he still doesn't have proper headshots (just a snapshot neil took) but he still managed to do a commercial. probably because he's really hot.
damn i wish i were a hot boy, this business would be a lot easier on me.

i'm talking to prince from skydome online and i can't tell what bad spelling is on purpose and what is an accident.
msn is so dumb. and yet i'm on it all the time now.

talking to ashley online the other day and she mentioned casually to be careful with black men because they could be overly-aggressive.
yeah. i didn't know what to say to that.

i'm excited for grey's anatomy tonight. it made me cry last week. it is seriously so good.

I really didn't want to wear the robe at convocation and the woman told me i HAD to.I told her i might take it off and she told me I could after the ceremony.
but there was an hour before the ceremony.
so then we all (my class and the theatre kids) played at gospel church choir and harry potter for some time.
So it was fine.

why do boys who like you poke at you? i'm so not a fan. and why are there so many boys that i don't like? i should work on liking way
more boys.

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