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2006.03.22 12:34 p.m.

I like the photo that's on here right now because it shows off my pteradactyl nose at such an awkward angle. What a weird face.

It's not that I don't feel like updating, it's just that I keep forgetting to.

I'm listening to the new Neko Case album. I think that my mum and aunts would really like it. I'd like to get more of her older stuff. It's kind of like the old folk stuff I've been listening to.. just updated.

Cripple Creek would be a whole lot easier to sing along with if it were actually Cripple Creep. That sounds like a whole other song though.

Priscilla ended up coming over on Sunday night. She was waiting for a boy to call her, so I had to hear about that for awhile. We watched Grey's Anatomy together and had a bit of a bed-in (but I didn't put any moves on her... well.. a bit, but she didn't notice).

Monday I did a lot of nothing.. Oh yeah. I watched Oprah. (I secretly think that Oprah's doing pretty good things this season. But I'm still anti-Oprah.)

I slept in yesterday and had really bizarre dreams that I was distracted by all morning. Then I read my horoscope and it told me to write down my dreams. So I didn't. 'Cause, whatever, horoscope.

Then, I went grocery shopping. And, boy, did I grocery shop. Usually I buy around $20 worth a week, and it's a pain to carry, but I had all of these gift certificates for IGA and it's far away, so I bought $60 worth. And I hurt my back carrying it all. Win some, lose some.
I got some good shit. Except, also, I decided not to buy any crap (with the exception of oreos for last night's rehearsal), like sugar stuff and stuff that is too easy to eat (I'm trying to curb this food addiction) so it was a little disappointing to get home and not have anything I could just put in my mouth.
I bought lots of stuff to make things with though. I'm planning a big chili sometime soon. Mmhmm.

Spinach and feta cream cheese heated in a tortillia is ridiculously good.

I finally got together with my friend Andrew yesterday. We've been supposed to hang out for around 10 years and we actually got around to it. Amazing. I like Andrew a whole lot. I know him from when Alexroof lived with Nick and I was dating Nick and Andrew was dating Alex. Then we lived on the same block but didn't really acknowledge each other. Then we kept running into each other whilst drunk and making hillarious conversation.
Andrew is one of the funniest people I've met. Very immediately funny. Geek funny in the best way. He kept saying I had a 'badittude'. Woah. I told him 'whatever forever'.
We went to Sneaky dees and he had apple pie and ice cream and I had fries which I dipped in his ice cream. Uh huh.

I've had rehearsals for the Ryerson film the past couple of nights. We shoot this week, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. That'll be fun. It's been awhile since I shot anything. I wish I had more projects on the horizon. Like.. a call from my agent would be pretty hot right now.
Everyone's saying how slow it is still though.

I really like Jamie and Chris, it'll be weird when I don't see them anymore. Maybe I'll just befriend them properly. Chris reminds me of Nathan.. mostly just in how he speaks and reacts.
It's been neat working on the script and seeing it change. I'm pretty much hoping that it's not my bad acting that's requiring the changes. It seems like if I were better I'd be more able to pull it off.
I'm supposed to be angry and mean towards Jamie most of the time but he kept saying "I don't even give a care" and things.. that's pretty hard to be mad at.

I like how there's really only boys and Priscilla in my life.

I'm supposed to see David later to work on my tv show. Yeah. I really, really need to get on that. I think I'd feel better if I was working properly.

Honestly, I've been oddly depressed lately. Just in an unable-to-do-anything kind of a way. I need a job. I need to get out of the house, to have commitments so that my alone time becomes more valuable again. Luckily skydome starts up again right away here..
Get me doing stuff.

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