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2007.05.17 3:01 p.m.

I had a dream that the Major Babes script gotten bought out from underneath me and made and it was the worst thing ever and Cheri Oteri was it in. Weird. I think I should maybe I should mail my scripts to myself and by doing so place some sort of copyright on them. 'Cause damn that was annoying.

I should also do some writing. Soon.

I have been doing a lot of reading though. I just read Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. While I had some definite issues with this book, I can't stay mad at a book that references My So-Called Life. Twice, in detail. While the extreme use of pop-culture references was really irritating, they occasionally hit home. And the descriptions of sexuality were really nice. I would've loved this book in grade nine. I seriously would've died for it.

The problem with my life is that I'm still looking for that teenage-love. I'm still looking for that be-all end-all desperate kind of affection. Who knows why. Maybe we all are, we just suppress that desire to varying degrees. And they say we can't fall in love like we could when we were seventeen. It's physically impossible.
Which means, of course, that I'm going to have to start dating teenagers. In order to get them to fall in love with me.

I've been considering babes again. I'm not really spoken for (not loudly anyhow).. so I might as well consider other options.
What about my basket? He's jostling my eggs about. When he's around at all.

I started reading Luna last night. About a transgendered teenager. So far so good. It's hard going into it knowing that it's dedicated to a real transgendered teen who the author was obviously close to who most likely killed themselves. It puts pressure on me to like the book.
I'm a bad person.

Tuesday I worked at the dome. Afterwards me and my work-friend Cindy went to see Spiderman 3. Cindy is a big big geek and that's why I like her. She is self-described as anal-retentive. And I think that's funny. Spiderman was about what I'd expected. To people that hated it: What were you expecting??
I recommend seeing it purely for his emo look. Also (obviously) for James Franco. Because he's a babe. Mmmhmm.

Yesterday I had brunch with Ali at Aunties. I like having enough money to order something besides the bowl of good soup and bread. Not that the good soup and bread isn't ridiculously good.
Ali's doing well, except that bought of bronchitis. Gross. And she and Andre are stable and acting like grown-ups and are a dual-income household. Weird. It's nice though. Having known Ali when she was sadder than any person should have to be.. so see her now.

Afterwards we went and visited Alex at Big Chill. I like Alex more the more I talk to her. I like her red hair. And her love of all things nerdy. Ali left and I stayed for way too long under the awning, dressed inappropriately for the weather. I was quite thoroughly chilled by the time I got home.

I baby-sat Ana last night. We played with her dollhouse and made pizza for her dinner and we watched a bit of TV and she climbed all over me while eating pizza. It's nice to spend time with small persons. She has very cool bath toys that you can piece the pieces together to make a whole variety of different monsters.
I like babysitting for Alice so that she can go see Arcade Fire. I like cool parents. I'm babysitting next week so that she can go to Feist and to Joel Plaskett. I like that. I like that our bookshelves are filled with the same things and that they have a similar sense of humour to mine.

Today is my first day off in awhile. Quite awhile. I slept in until 1.. now I'm not sure what to do with myself. I feel like I should do something. Something meaningful...
My creative pursuits have been suffering lately. But I don't have any sort of discipline about them. No sort of reason to get anything done. I need a boss to manage my creativity.

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