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2006.02.04 2:25 p.m.

Damn. If I had any sugar I'd make haystacks. You know what they say - when life throws you hay, make stacks.

I should get experimental in what I can make that doesn't require the use of an oven.
I should have brought my microwave cook-book from home.
Although most things I want to make require sugar.
Most things I want to eat require sugar.

So I shot one of the student films yesterday. The one for mobile phones. We shot in Bronwyn's apartment. It was so nice, all white or exposed brick. Open and spacious.
I think I did pretty well. They spent awhile doing close-ups on me, which was a good sign maybe.
I found it hard to work with the other actor though. I'm sure he's a perfectly lovely human. And I hope he never reads this diary.. but. He was driving me insane. I just really, really didn't like his choices. And it was all too big for tight close-ups.
I wish I was always in charge of everything. This is because I'm bossy and self-centered and rude.

It was still fun though and I think there'll be some nice romantic moments.
I really want to see it. And then own a copy of it and then watch myself every day.

We were done early (such a rarity on a set) and so I had a bit of time to prepare for my audition, which was at the Toronto Film School. I re-memorized my favorite serious monologue (from Les Belle Seours) and I think that I might have done it better than before even. Maybe because I wasn't worried about getting the words right.
The people at the audition were really nice and I think I did a good job.
It was a hard one though because the sides they gave me were really based on props and actions and I hate miming things.
It's a family short, so a lot of the casting will be based on who's believable to be related to each other.
Excuses for why I won't get it.

Honestly though, most of the actors I've been meeting through these aren't really people who I would really want to befriend. That's sad. I want similar-boated people in my life. But I also want them to be funny, interesting, and not condescending. Well, Brian (who I'll be working on Fred's Date with), he's pretty funny and we've been myspacing about how we're meant to be together in real life because our characters get together in the short. He's really, really dashing.
And he said we could do the bird dance at our wedding.

boogity sent me a mixcd that I'm pretty into and keep forgetting to mention. It was a mystery mix until my aunt sent me the track listing from her boogitymix.
I really like parts of it. Though it really doesn't have enough Bright Eyes.

I want the bank to give me my money so that I can buy sugar so that I can make cookies.

And mostly, I want someone to give me a really, really good job. In the very, very near future. And pay me many moneys. Because this is getting silly. And not even in a hot way.

Time for more mah jong!

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