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2006.01.26 10:29 a.m.

good things and bad things and good things and then other bad things.

Well, I haven't left my apartment for two days now. Who even needs the outside world? But I haven't spent any money.

Happy birthday Megan!

Yesterday was productive. I produced a clean house (for the most part).. so I can at least move about and there are more options than just lying in bed. I re-organised everything. Tried to get everything into tins or boxes, reduced some of the clutter.
I tried to sort things and throw out stuff. But I left most of that for another day.

Priscilla came over for dinner and I made refried beans and stuff. It was preeety good. Dinners together are the best places to talk. I guarantee.

Priscilla says she's never seen me so disinterested in boys. That's actually pretty true, though I hadn't noticed. Generally I'm unrequitedly in love with someone. But not currently. Well, Hayden, but who isn't?
No one is striking my fancy really these days, and I've decided it's pointless to be vaguely involved with people I don't care about.

Aughh, I saw the best short film on Zed last night. It was called Knitting a Love Song, it was so good. About this girl who loves the cutest boy in her school and knits him a scarf and stuff. But it all ends in heartbreak. Kind of.
It was just so well shot and the main girl was so great.

Oh, yeah, I got another part. In another student film, this time for the Canadian Film Institute. The videos for mobile phones. So this should be interesting.
Auditioned for three projects so far this year, and I've landed two of them. (I never heard back from the other.) That's not bad.

Although all of this auditioning for student films is making me very unprepared for payed roles where I can expect land one for every 20 auditions (or more) that I have.
I'd still like to audition though. Sigh.

I woke up feeling really ill in the night. But not in a specific way. Just sick.
It influenced all of my dreams.
Also, raccoons are trying to dig their way into my house at night and it's really freaking me out. They yell and shreik like they're being killed. It's pretty unnerving.
I'm not sure what to do about it.

Bougie emailed to say that he wants to have a get-together/class with the alumi. How fun! What a great, great man. No denying.

Hopefully this day is more like Wednesday and less like Tuesday.

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