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2006.04.11 11:00 a.m.

You know how they say that capricorns age in reverse?
I hope they don't mean literally. Especially for me.

I had an audition yesterday. It was more like an go-see, really. For this non-union TV show called Ghostly Encounters or some such thing. It'll be re-enactments of ghost stories I think. Anyway, they called a bunch of us in at a time and we lined up and did our thing one at a time.
He said to say your name, agency, your age if you're under 18, then show your hands, do a turn, and make a scared face. Hilarious!
The funny part was when they got to me and I didn't say my age (because being past 18) and the woman stopped me and said "Meredith, can you tell us your age? You are under 18?" and then I was like "nope". On the way out she stopped me and apologized and said "you really do look like you're under 18", but also that it was a good thing.

Seriously? Under 18? In real time? I mean, I could see 18, 19 maybe? But she seriously thought that I looked 16 or 17.
And the girls I was lined up with were 15, 16, 17.. so it wasn't even that I looked young for my age.
Um.. cool I guess?

I was especially glad that I've been taking good care of my hands lately. Stopping biting (I don't really think it'll stick.. but who knows) and keeping them well cleaned and groomed and polished.

No wonder I didn't get the waitress part. I mean, you're barely allowed to have a job when you're 16.

I saw Jennifer at the audition and that made it fun. Having someone to sit and giggle with instead of being bored/nervous.

The idiots put a value village right beside the two casting houses that I'll (hopefully) be frequenting. Gah, if I'm near a value village it's near impossible not to go in.

I got some neat stuffs though. Clothes for auditions because most of my stuff has prints, is cut-up/altered/weird/etc.
I got a pretty, thin, light blue sweater, and a neat dark blue-grey long sleeved shirt. I also bought this really cute white jacket with pink stiching and pink polka-dot lining.

Mmm clothes.

Paul came over and we watched ANTM. If it seems like this is all we ever do, that's because that's true.

Today I'm going to work as an extra again.. and I'm running late. Quelle big surprise.

You, you look a little like coffee,
and you taste a little like tea.

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