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2004.11.22 8:38 a.m.

okay. i just slept for probably 14 hours. and i'm still tired. i really didn't want to get up. i think i should make sleep a higher priority. maybe number one. or get more iron. or something.
i had some pretty intense dreams. all different kinds. i kept waking up and thinking about all my dreams and then going back to sleep.
i really meant to just have a nap and then get up and do some productive stuff..but i sure didn't. and i'm still dressed from yesterday. that's hot.

well, i was up early yesterday. and i had brunch with my family, which was fun. my mum made griddle cakes which are sooo good. i should learn how to make them before i go home. i should do a lot of things before i go home..but you know i won't. jesus shit is that ever soon.

i'm ready for snow now.

i'm excited for everyone coming home from school for christmas. and excited for people here having less work and devoting more time to me. it's silly to miss people that are in the same city. i want to plan a good going away party..but it seems like it couldn't live up to last year's. booo.
why do i love it here so much?
it's going to be ten billion times hard to leave again. at least i have people to look forward to seeing. though i haven't really been talking to anyone. well, katrina (who emailed me her headshot and it's so nice..), and i've been attempting to find priscilla..but it's hard to keep in touch with people so far away.

daryl and scott porch were in my dreams last night. i hope things will be as good between us as they were. scott can definitely be an asshole (and not in a hot way), but we also had a lot of fun. this once i ran into him in kensington and he put his giant headphones on me so that i could listen to blonde redhead and he put his face beside mine to listen too and we rocked out. and we saw this older asian couple wearing matching purple-paisley outfits. oh i and i miss his "i'm a good duck" t-shirt.
and daryl was always so sweet and took good care of me. i miss talking things through with him, and miss hearing about what's going on with him. i really liked that.
oh and i liked them smoking me down all the time. and giving me alcohol. that was hot shit. nothing, mother.

i'm listening to john's radio show. that's hot shit too. funniest line so far: "..and request lines are open, so we'll get to soon as they ring".
i'll be glad to hear some r.e.m. soon. i'd bet it'll be daysleeper. (edit: i was right.)

yeah. i worked at the soccer centre yesterday again for a bit. it was dead slow. i tried to make hills stick around to entertain me..but she wouldn't. slut. working at the soccer centre is best when brent isn't around. he fusses over weird things. then we took everything down and supertruck and i drove everything over to broadway. and then that party stopped. which was fine.

and then i went home. and i ate. and i went on this machine. good story.

trying to call constantine yesterday, i dialled john instead. good thing he didn't answer. i did talk to const for a bit but he couldn't get g.c. plats on account of going to his dad's for turkey dinner. we did make horrible horrible jokes for awhile though. in a hot way.

and i talked to fraser for a bit. it had been awhile. i like talking to him every day. i hate that everyone has too much work. i never did any school work. this probably explains some things. if i could choose who to fall in love with, it'd definitely be fraser.
but then i'd still have to really, it's for the best.

i'm tired of all this shifting and moving already (even though it's barely begun). i just want to settle down and get married and have kids and decorate for the holidays and have family brunches and a fancy dinnerware set and a mohogany bannister to slide down and oh yeah, have money and not have to worry so damn much about dying on the streets.

i should really leave early so as to go to the bank and to get a student loan application form. but i also have to have a shower and laze about for a bit. and maybe chase the kittens around.

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