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2005.04.06 1:54 p.m.

quick update before i run right home and fall into my bed.

i'm worried about my health. i'm eating okay and getting mostly enough sleep (except last night) and even taking my iron pills (mostly) but still i feel exhausted all the time and low-energy and lethargic and any mention of physical activity makes me cringe. i have a tendency to run places i just need to walk to, but get so tired i want to lie down. i can't really dance at shows anymore. i just want to nap.
all my limbs seem to go numb periodically and hurt in strange ways.

i do wonder if i have a severe iron deficiency.
i wish that going to the doctor here wasn't such a pain.

OH HILLARY! (and anyone else who cares...though i can't think who) guess who i saw at the 7-11 last night?? and didn't talk to because i'm not a good fan..
jacob from canadian idol. and i looked at him. but mostly he looked at me. and he's very hot. and i almost went over to him and said "my friend steph wants to sit on your face" because steph has specifically said that about him before. specifically.
and i found it pretty amusing.
i think that might have made him feel uncomfortable though. maybe.
then i bought my candy. and left.

last night's show was fun. black mountain were pretty much awesome. so good. the combination of a male and female vocalist is so hot. especially when they're both so good. and her voice especially kind of took me in. you can go here and listen to them if you want. i was so tired, we left before they finished because i was falling asleep standing up and nick wouldn't let me stay.
the other two bands were kind of disapointing. ghost story was kind of whatevs and crystal skulls were good, but it all sounded the same pretty much.
i wish i had money. i really really want to support canadian artists but i have no no no no no money.
and nick is a bad, awful spending-money influence. horrible.
but it's easy for him with his parents and his commercial is back out which means more money.

i got up at 5.30. which was too fun. and didn't make naseous at all.

but i got to school and finished up preparing for our presentation.
and it was really really good. i don't know if we'll get the best mark on the technical stuff, but in terms of presentation (show off) aspects, we've been the best. singing and dancing and partying. you know.
and i found out i got 60 on my makeupmidterm (pass!!!!) and i think i must have passed my article test. so everything's coming up meredith.
or would be if i had a job/money.

and i didn't beat up michael in class today. which was amazing really. he picked the worst scene for jenn and sue, it's just so sexist and stereotypical of women and gross.
but i get to be scene partners with erica. which rules!

this entry isn't short at all.
i'm going to fall asleep on the keyboard.

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