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2007.05.31 12:34 p.m.

So I'm basically still a fifteen-year-old girl. I know this because I still act exactly like all the girls in my teen fiction books.
Tuesday I read The Boyfriend List, E. Lockhart came recommended. Boy did I relate to the heroine. Except also about stuff that's going on now. It makes sense that we all start patterns in high-school that we carry on through the rest of our lives. And I still relate to boys in the exact same ways. I still moan around about the same things and I still make the same poor decisions and hurt people in the same ways and put up with the same stupid shit.
The book was really good though. I stayed up until five Tuesday night to read it. Except that I also had a giant coffee in the evening, so maybe that had something to do with it.

I also watched Lords of Dogtown" Tuesday.
I don't know if I've ever mentioned how much I love long-hairs. But I do. I really do. I know that most people don't, and that generally they think boys look more studly after they've cut off all their hair. I really like boys with ponytails. (This does not mean that they should have it in a braid for years and wear it the same every day. Although I did like the two-braids.) Montreal has a better ponytailed-populace.
Anyway. The movie was good. And filled with long-hairs. I love Emile Hirsch. He still reminds me of John. I thought he was strong in the movie. Really strong. And Heath Ledger was interesting. Maybe too much. But still good, it might have been basically his movie.

A racoon was totally trying to get in my back window the other night. I like racoons and everything but anything scritch-scratching at my darkened sill is enough to give me the shivers.
Then last night I was fully up when the scratching started and I found a baby racoon sitting on my windowsill. Cute! I resisted letting it in, you'll be pleased to know.

I also finished Awake and Dreaming by Kit Pearson Tuesday. Yes, now I'm reading children's fiction. I remembered really liking her stuff. And she is pretty great. I love reading books about poor people. It makes me very thankful for what I've got. Everything (like hot baths and lots of blankets and fancy foods) seems even better.

Tamara's back in town. I had lunch with her on Monday. She's in LA this week for a press conference for her new movie. She was complaining about how she had no idea what to wear. Problems I would like to have.
Because I'm insane, I went home and sketched out ideas of what I would like to wear to press conferences and premieres. Fun.

I was thinking about how I missed the social dynamic of high-school. Only the good parts, of course. Mostly the spare periods and the forced interaction with new people.
I was thinking about how I wanted a job that had some of those positive bits. Then I realized that maybe a film set, and even more likely a TV show set, would be like that. Yeah I think I'm going to be an actor. And I want my own show. Pretty soon. And I want to have a giant trailer. And I want to sit in the middle of circus (Tam tells me this is what they call the area with all the trailers and hair-and-make-up and stuff) and socialize.

Also: I want to have my own talk show someday. I am convinced that I will be a very very good talk show host. And since Canada has always had a desperate lack of good talk shows, I'll be filling a need.

Monday I worked at skydome. They over-estimated the attendance by a ridiculous amount and we were over-staffed beyond belief. I made $5 in tips. FIVE DOLLARS. What the hell. And I spent $2 on pizza. So extreme.
Yesterday I worked in the bar, which was kind of relief with its guaranteed rate and no dependance on tips. Usually Yankee games are extremely profitable for us. I'm hoping it is for me tonight. Really hoping.

I had lunch with David Tuesday. For once it was him wanting to talk to me about his issues. I was glad, not about him having issues, but about him wanting to talk about them with me. I like David. We went to Aunties. It's nice being a regular there. I had left my sunglasses there last week (and not even noticed) and they remembered and found them for me and gave them back. That's service.

Miranda left for Spain yesterday. For a month. I saw her Tuesday afternoon. We had coffee at one of the many bakeries along College. I asked them what was the best treat and took their suggestion. It was a weird pastry that was so sweet that I almost gagged. And I love sugar. It might have been made of pure sugar. I still like Miranda. In case you were wondering.

Yesterday I worked at skydome again, and this time made a substantial amount in tips. Which almost made up for Monday. But I really worked hard. And had so much to keep track of. I was there for a good hour after the game organizing and cleaning.
I hope that doesn't happen today because I want to go out afterwards.

What with being so busy again, my productivity has gone down the toilet. I need a system to keep myself in line.

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