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2006.04.29 9:09 a.m.

You know what's a sweet feeling?
Having more money than you need in the bank. Like I was all worried about getting all my cheques into the bank before the 1st and now there's so much money in there. It's quite fantastic.
I mean, I know that I don't really have money. But feeling like I do is allll right.

I even have enough for a metropass this month! Mind-blowing.

On my list to buy (eventually):
a scanner (I don't want a digital camera, but I do want to be able to upload all my beautiful pictures)
a new computer (with cd/dvd burner and bigger harddrive specifically)
an ipod
a mimi dv camera (haha yeah right. no, but really, I want to be able to make movies!!)
a class at Second City (Devon got into the top level just by writing them a letter about how he had class with Allan)

But mostly I have to pay back my mum I guess. Jeez.

So this show I'm working this weekend is the "DownHome Show" and it's for East coasters. So bizarre.
It's only the second year of the show and the guy lost thousands of dollars on it last year.
But it's not very well put together. There's just not enough to see and do. And the comedians weren't very funny. Although there was the pageant to crown the downhome miss or some such nonsense.

It was kind of fun, and really slow and easy work and free carrot cake. And the other girls were nice.
I have to go back again right away. Even though it feels like I just left.

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