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2007.05.15 2:03 p.m.

I just finished Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. It was the first time in awhile where I couldn't put down the novel. Felt good.
I hate when books have parts of other books or reading guides or other junk at the end of them so I feel like I have a good fifty pages left and then all of a sudden - it's done. Luckily there's a sequel to this one.. so I just have to find it and then I can carry on.
I secretly love vampire novels, fyi.

Working working. I almost have a day off. Thursday. Which is also David's birthday. Soon soon.
Though, really, I'm not feeling overly-stressed out. Maybe because I don't have to put in eight-hour days.
And there are moments where I feel so over-whelmed I want to vomit. But that's life in general for me.

Wednesday I worked. The bar was busy but fine. I gossiped a lot with the servers and drank a lot of juice. I never buy juice, so it's always a treat when it's nearby.
Afterwards I went out with Sophia and Jo to the Silver Dollar for High Lonesome Wednesdays with Crazy Strings. I love bluegrass. Especially Wednesdays at Sneaky Dee's. I love it. I should have danced more. Luckily I drank a lot of beer.

Thursday I had lunch with David at King's Cafe. I love love vegetarian restaurants. The freedom! I also love David. He's like my girlfriend, except a boy. Sort of.
Then I worked, worked with a fun girl named Maria, we made many jokes and acted silly. Which is my favourite way to spend a shift.
Then I went to Wordburg's show at Sneaky Dee's. It was really good. It was weird to see him play an indie-rock show. It was so my crowd. The first band I'd seen before playing with Entire Cities (and they're really good). But the indie-kids seemed to really like him. We hung out with his friends and then went to hiphop karaoke at The Boat then to Ronnie's for last call. We were very drunk. SJ is very lucky because he has very nice friends.
I'm such a befriender. Upon meeting people I like I want to keep them with me forever. I get obsessed with people easily and want them to join my coven.

Ugh! My internet is worse than ever! It's seriously murdering me. I want to kill it. I shouldn't have written that. Now it's acting even worse.

Friday I saw Dana. We hung out at her house all afternoon. Their apartment is really quite sweet. They are on the ground floor and have a front garden in front of their front patio (which the living room opens up to). Their kitchen opens onto their back patio and the huge backyard (shared by the building) which is filled with tulips and lily of the valley and cats. We spent the day taking turns in her hammock, talking about boys, and playing with cats. My dream life. Dana also was dressed silly and kept doing handstands in the garden. Very funny. For her neighbours, who undoubtedly think she's mad.

I worked the bar again on Friday then came home and slept and slept.

Saturday I worked again (could the Jays play a little less? thanks.), by myself up on the 500 level. It was very sweet. I made a lot of tip moneys and chatted up customers and it went by very quickly.

I went straight from there to sit for Ana. She is much more comfortable with me these days. It's nice. We went to the park and went on the merry-go-round for an extremely long time. I love playing it the park and it is a delightful excuse to have a small child to play with. The merry-go-round, especially, was fun, though I thought they out-lawed those things long ago. God, they're dangerous.
We also ran around on the hills, rolled down, pretended a dragon-kite was after us and swang.
Then we had dinner and stories and bed. Alice (Ana's mum) suggested I get Ana to read to me. It's a pretty fun time. She just makes up the story based on what she sees in the pictures. But it's impressive how she generally gets a good narrative going and sometimes even a full plot. Storytime puts me to sleep for sure.

Sunday I worked the bar again, with Stacy-Ann. We haven't spent too much time together since college, but I still feel like I know her better than I ought. College was like that. We went out for lunch after work and I ate too much again. I'm ridiculous like that.

Sunday I caved and bought a flickr! pro account. Now I can upload as many pictures as I want! And host all my photos there for the websites I plan to make soon. For some reason my cousin owns my name's .com address. I wonder why that is..
But yes, I've uploaded new (and old) photos and you can look at them if you'd like.

Worked again yesterday. With my friend Maxine. Who talks more than I do. It's hard to believe, but true. She was one part amusing me greatly, and one part making me want to smack her. Our comedy-duo routine of her accosting me and me shying away and getting mad and threatening to beat her seemed to work though. We did really well. We scared off all the babes we were after though. I choose money over babes anyhow.

Today I am up early. Which is strange since I was up so late reading. I feel like doing something productive. I wonder what that will be.. probably only leaving early enough to walk to work.. or maybe picking up some clothes off the floor. Or maybe just bathing..

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