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2006.07.13 12:41 p.m.

I remember reading in Bop or Tigerbeat that JTT never wanted to get involved with an actress. And I was heartbroken, as you can well imagine. But I understand that now.
It's getting hard to be friends with other actors, let alone date them. I'm made of jealousy and spite, I fear.

And that's why I will marry a rock 'n roll star.

Tuesday I read a tonne of scripts. Four episodes of the TV show I had an audition for. It's a good script. I mean, kind of nasty and horrifying.. but still good. It'll be called Durham County or something, so you can watch for it and then know that I auditioned for it once.

I went to see Jamie and Morgan's band with Rebecca and Gwyneth. I like those girls. The band was good but it was a low-key party and I just drank a lot. Sometimes I just feel like drinking. Most of the time actually.
I went because I missed Jamie and Morgan but I really didn't spend any time with them.

Afterwards I met up with Dana and Jack and we went swimming! Mmmhmm. I love it. It's making me wish for hot and sticky days (especially now that I have AC) just to encourage people to come swimming with me.

So I had my two auditions yesterday. Neither one felt particularly fantastic. I couldn't really pinpoint why. I just know that when I didn't have fun then I probably didn't do that good of a job.. So it goes, so it goes.

It was fine, obviously.
I saw Martha at the TV show audition. That was kind of nice. And I'm sure that Martha, Tamara, and I will all go out for the same things now, I look vaguely like both of them. Although far more like Martha, especially when she dresses like me. . I wish that I knew no one in my category at all.. so that I didn't know my competition so that I could hate them in peace. But I especially like those two.

All I think about is going home.

I started making a sweet dress yesterday. I wish I made more dresses in general. Because they're the best thing to wear. Because they're one piece. You don't have to match them to anything.

I went to see Tamara's show last night. But she was very late on account of getting stuck in a NY airport. Yeah she went to NY for the day for an audition. Her dad works for an airline so she flies standby for free. Lucky!
But she did get there and they did play. And I enjoyed it.
It honestly is very, very good.

But it makes me jealous. Why can't I make music? It seems unfair considering how much I love it.
Although I've never worked at it, so it's my own damn fault obviously.

The woman who played before her made me feel very very strange. Because she had an undeniably beautiful voice.. but she was so, so annoying. And her lyrics were cheesy and cliched. And it seemed like she was sending everything up and making fun of herself or something. Not that all music needs to be taken seriously.. but she made such silly faces and kicked her feet so much.. it irritated me.

Someday I'm up, somedays I'm down. The good with the bad and even though I am in a mood today, I have to say, I'm still pretty sure things are going as they should.
Which is honestly as odd feeling. I'm unfamiliar with it.. and I question its validity.

But when does the homesickness end?

Ugh! Remind me to buy paper today! Having a printer is pointless without it.

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