et puis
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2006.02.15 2:34 p.m.

et puis? et puis? et puis?

I had a job interview yesterday. It was for a job I thought I really wanted. But then it turned out that I don't really. I don't know if I'll get it. It could totally go either way. It's for a new tiny fancy restaurant a few blocks away.
We'll see.
The thing about jobs is that they want commitments. I hate commitments! I want to owe no one anything.

Well, I may have other options on the go. Let's hope.

I'm actually starting to panic. That's new. Lose sleep and feel crazy.

Valentines was fun. It actually felt a little valentiney even. Though I was in a pretty terrible mood for parts of it. Quelle surprise.

But Niki made me get up. We went and bought things for making fudge. I tried to pick up babes in the no avail.
We ran into my friend Jakob on the street and talked cheese for awhile. Jakob was in the theatre program and he's very nice. Apparantly he lives by me now and so maybe I'll make him be my bud.

My stomach hurt very, very badly from eating things I shouldn't have. It was so, so distended and gross. Overly-frustrasting. I tried punching it but that just made it worse.

Then David called and so Niki and I drank some wine and went and met him at a cheap bar. Paul and other cute boys and one girl were there too. It was a regular old party. I was silly drunk - especially since I didn't really drink very much. And I think I was hitting on Paul a lot, and on David. Which I felt fine about. Cause I'm that kind of girl.
Niki spent a lot of time arguing about random things (quelle surprise) and drinking from her flask. I think she had fun.
Who didn't!

Today we went to Kensington and visited Jakob at the cheese store where he works. He sold us some beautiful brie. The we came home and watched tv and ate some food. I like food!

I want my pearls back.

I'm in a mood... I really don't know what I feel like doing with myself. Something! Anything! Maybe just some more sleep. A game plan? A life plan?

I want to be an actor!

Good news, Niki got my bike undone. I will have a bike again. I will be free.

On a scale of attachable to unattachable (relationship-wise) where do you think i sit?

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