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2005.02.21 12:38 p.m.

so touro's really good at the guitar. good to know. better than me i'm sure. not that that's hard..
i think he might be magical.

friday was super fun, i didn't update because i stayed for double improv class. allan let erica, jen, and i stay for the other groups class too. turns out i really really like improv. and am fairly funny.

my left arm is numb and tingly. am i dying?

i woke up this morning and it was super super snowy. like 10 feet. well, close anyway. and i had to wade through it which was fun. yesterday there was no snow and i thought it was spring and i bought rusty-orange moccasins and funny fishnet kneehighs...
but it's winter again. which leads me to conclude that it's christmas soon.

it feels like christmas with all the people coming to visit. turns out melissa's in town this week. that's exciting. and miranda's here too (i have plans with her tonight probably). then niki next week. then mum then ellen. it's a giant party.

i had band practice on friday and it went okay. we went over to priscilla's friend bradley's house. i would have guessed him to be about 17.. turns out he's almost 21. he's a little..young. but he does have a sweet dat recorder and a giant keyboard. hot dig.

alisin and i went to see the silverhearts on saturday night. they were pretty sweet. when i'm big i want to be in a band like that. where everyone sings and there's ten members, it looked like fun.
alisin got hit on a lot. that was funny. and then this one guy ended up staying and sitting with us for the duration of the show. and he seemed nice enough. turns out we had the same taste in music and movies and so on. and he goes to ryerson for theatre and has done bits of made-for-tv movies and stuffs. and he's played with cufft hedu ke and ano therblu edoor. small effing town.
his name is nick.
i really like that name. made me cry last night. i think i must be over-emotional.

chris and i went to see tegan and sara last night. that was pretty fun. lindy opened and he was good. his last song blew me away. we bought his cd. i liked sara better. i think tegan's the mean one.
i am very jealous of them.

i need to get a job. seriously though.

christina's husband david taught us today. he was pretty neat. he creates a lot of his own work, which is really what i want to hear about. he was pretty funny and good. i wonder if he wants to help me with my tv show...

i'm hungry. eating all the time gets so boring. i mean, i have to do it so often. irritating.

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