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2006.12.13 10:46 p.m.

Ew diaryland. I don't have time for you!

Oh, the amount of things that I have to do. And I'm sure that come Christmas they still won't be done. I should just plan less crafts and things.

Work work work. This is my second last day off before my birthday. Whoa.

I think I'm going to miss working with Gill and Jaris when I move away.. they really are pretty amusing. We all get matcha green tea shots in the afternoons and acai berry smoothies just before hometime. We eat a lot of paninis and Jaris flirts with alll the boys.
I feel like the matcha green tea really does make me feel better. It's supposed to be extremely healthy. And I do mean extremely.

Last night I went for GCPs with Constantine. I tried to bargain him out of me eating the grilled cheese.. I thought maybe I could order something else for a change. Turned out I was wrong. Luckily Const bought it for me. He's all rich from subbing and stuff. Jerry's is such a shit hole. But it's also so familiar and appropriate and so on.
Constantine was pure Constantine. I'm worried that at some point he'll become too much of a caricature and I won't like him at all. So far it's alright. So far we're still too funny together and it's easy to be with him and I can just mock him forever and it doesn't seem to get to him. But it does worry me - his patterns and how he seems to be refusing to grow up whatsoever and how he just isn't able to be an appropriate teacher.. and then complains about not being able to get a job.
He's been subbing for my brother's drama class this week and Emry thinks Const is hilarious. So does everyone - and all the teen girls think he's a babe. But that's not enough to make a good teacher.
And I can see how subbing would be so horrendously boring that you'd have to make it entertaining somehow.. but so is everything.
I spend a lot of time worrying about nothing.

After Jerry's we went to Michael's and Wal-Mart, which was also just an exact repeat of this time last year. I like patterns. Oh of course I do. I find the most attractive thing is familiarity. Above all else.
Const and I really funny. And that is the second most important thing. Sometimes I remember why I used to adore him.

Today I got out of bed at a somewhat reasonable time and took my aunt Deb shopping again. Do you find it's a different class of people that call their aunts "auntie soandso"? And this also usually encompasses all of their mum's friends? Just wondering.

We went first for lunch to McNally. And it was really really good and I got overly-full. Then we spent an extreme amount of time looking at blank books. How are there so many blank books? I really want to find the best one for Chala.
Then we went out to the awful box stores. But Pier One really does have some nice things. And Home Outfitters sucked and by the time we got done our shopping I was surprised one of us (Deb) wasn't lying on the floor crying.
Deb and I are going to spend Christmas day drinking. I think that our family will really love this. Especially because I plan on passing out right after lunch. Cause I'm sexy like that.
No really. You don't even know sexy until you see me. Passed out.

After I got rid of Deb I went to the photo store to show Terry my new camera gear and have him look it over for me. I feared my new flash wasn't working but it turned out I was just using it wrong (in every possible way. for realz.) good thing for camera guys. He's very sweet and was sooo helpful and got me good deals and stole me a lens cap and stuff. Especially considering I don't know him at all, he's good news.

Oh my god I really wanted House to take the deal. What is even wrong with House? I mean besides being a drug addict. omg. Medium is actually such, such a good show. It makes me feel good inside. Kind of like Queer Eye. They're both just nice.

I wish that I felt like my writing was getting better. But I'm definitely unsure of that. If only I had discipline. Deb and I were saying today "imagine if our family had money - how tasteful our houses would be!". Which is so true.
But also "imagine if our hyper-talented family members had discipline - how rich we'd all be". In some ways I mean. The pretend kind of rich that doesn't involve money.

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