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2006.09.29 6:29 p.m.

ohhh shit. I think I need to have a nap. I'm not particularly tired, but it's that point in the eve where the sun comes through onto my bed in such a warm difused kind of a way and all I can do it curl up in it.

There's piles of fresh and clean laundry on my bed too. And I also like curling up with fresh laundry.

Think of all of the things I could wear!
I did three big loads of laundry. It was sweet. I even washed some towels and things.
Niki came and met me and we ate ice cream during the washing cycle and we drank tea during the drying cycle. Sitting on patios when it's clearly too cold out is one of my favourite things.

Sweater sweater sweater scarf

I want to be a headshot photographer. I wonder if I could find one to apprentice with. Seems like they wouldn't want to train me to steal their business.

Here are submissions in order to win your approval of me being a headshot photographer:

sarah burton
david missio

Both of my jobs are really really really running out. Like right away here. And I don't know what I'm going to do about it. I just need to find the perfect job.
- Great pay
- cool coworkers
- easy/no work
- not boring
- only during the hours of 4 or 5 to 10 or 11. 12 at the latest. I just need to be able to party all the time. I so don't have my priorities straight.

My date went well. With Curtis. Surprisingly well. I felt bad keeping him out late on account of he gets up at 4:30 in the morning.
We went and had dinner at the greenroom. Which was so not his scene. And so mine. We just talked for many hours. I didn't tell him I'm vegetarian. I'm not sure why I didn't tell him that.
I wish I'd written about it at the time because I think I'm feeling differently about things today..
But I did have a very nice time. And Curtis is a very nice person. Just a stand-up kind of a guy. Well except for the slight racism and slight homophobia and slight drunken-driving and slight resource-wasting (he owns the biggest truck I've ever seen). Probably all of these things are immediate deal-breakers.. but I'm ignoring them.

Oh I don't know.
Morgan used to word 'novelty' last night. Yeah, maybe that's the word I've been looking for to describe why it's fun to go on dates with Curtis.

Yesterday I went for lunch with David. I've been getting to see David more often these days and I'm pretty glad. I like him a lot. And he's so good for discussing things with and working things through.

Then I buddied up with Maria Christina. Yeah we bonded while watching TV. She's wine.
Leslie and Dana came over and we partied to Maneater for awhile (my new favourite single bar none ever). I like to have it on repeat and shake around.
I also made cookies and they're all gone already.

We went to SneakyDee's and saw a bit of Jamie and Morgan's band. Then we went to CocktailMolotov to celebrate Norman's birthday.

It was really really nice to spend time with Jamie and Morgan again. And with Norman. And I saw Sophia and Jo and Norman and co. We went out for Chinese food after hours and it was just like olden days.
Morgan bike-rode home with me and ending up staying over because it is just way too cold to bike at night these days. We stayed up late and had girltalk and then slept in nicely. I like people sleeping in my bed. A lot. And I like Morgan. A lot.

Tonight more shows. I bought a fourty of St. Ides that I'm planning on consuming quickly. I also have the new Now mag to read and a good crossword. Life's good.

Here's a picture of my new hair:
I love red velvet

My scanner was the best investment ever.

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