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2006.11.22 3:57 p.m.

So, no really though, how did I get this far in life without ever watching Freaks and Geeks? What the hell? What was I thinking. Of course when people say a show is even somewhat like My So-Called Life I should watch it.
Seriously though. This show is like My So-called Life in very strange ways (and some ways that only I would notice). But it is so ridiculously good in its own right.
And oh my god James Franco is so ridiculously hot. How did he get to be so hot? It's kind of annoying.

That show gives me new hope! (Not hope that maybe good shows ever succeed but hope that good shows are possible to make).
It re-inspires me to get to the writing. Except that I so don't have time. I so don't have time for anything! That's why being bored at work is extra frustrating and why I don't want to go today.

Actually, work Monday was fine. Not fantastically fun.. but alright. I was in charge of training a new girl. The new girl is weird and wearing big boots with big heels... which seems silly when you have to be on your feet all night. Whatevers. She's nice - just slightly too happy or enthusiastic or something.
I did make best friends with Allan the server. He's an actor. Apparently he has a beer commercial coming out out west, so I'm going to look for him in it when I go home. He's my new crush. He's not a turbo babe but he's really funny and cute and doesn't make eye-contact sometimes and is silly.
Jeremy (who likes me least of all the managers I'd say) intimated that I could come back to work there in January. Well I just don't know if I'll want to. Although I really don't mind working on the week days.. it's the weekend that I dread.

Yesterday I had a day off and accomplished exactly nothing. Well, except watching three episodes of Freaks and Geeks and virtually all the bonus features (especially the auditions and deleted scenes! how interesting!!!).
And I made about thirty paper cranes. Maybe more. I'm not sure if I could stop making them now even if I wanted to.

I also went for brunch with Sophia to aunties. Why does it always take me half an hour to decide what I'm ordering? I know the menu inside out. I'm noticing I don't look at people properly. I'm not sure when I've started this and what kind of defensive mechanism this is. I realized I hadn't looked at Sophia really all brunch. I was completely unawares of what she was wearing/looking like. Funny.
I'm thinking about this of course because Nigel told Joda who told Niki who told me that he thought it was funny how it took me two drinks to look him in the eye. - Which was an overstatement. And it was the drinks so much as the time that had passed. Also: he's very good-looking and so it's hard to look at him.
I'm so awkward!

After brunch I was going to go to the mall with Sophia but then I weinered out of that. Instead I went home and watched more Freaks and Geeks.

Then I talked to my mother on the phone.

Then Niki came over and made cookie while I watched Veronica Mars. Ohhh Veronica. Sometimes she's bordering on annoying these days though. Calm down Veronica.

Niki and I then ate a lot of cookies and then we watched Freaks and Geeks. Then she left and I watched more TV! Because I sure had time for that!

I'm pretty close to officially buying a new computer! Oh my god if it is everything that I dream of then I will be ridiculously happy. Oh god the excitement. And the freedom to become the internet superstar that I've always known I could be.

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