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2005.10.27 10:54 a.m.

yeah. so i uploaded my headshot. good times. actually i paid some people to do it for me. ten dollars! highway robbery.

oh my god i can't believe that ellen is dating the son of the guy who wrote ferdinand.
this is better than when sarah's mom was dating raffi.

i finally left my house yesterday. and did the laundry. i am so impressive. guys i counted my pink tank tops and i actually, seriously, own six pink tanktops. then i also have about 5 pink t-shirts. okay what's wrong with me.
but i also have 40 pairs of underpants. that's sweet.

then i did my dishes. well, i did some of my dishes. some of them i just didn't feel like doing. actually, i just did enough to be able to make dinner comfortably.
that's awful.

scary movie 2 is not a scary movie.

this morning i had a job interview. and then i got a job. despite being late and having no real skillz.
it's also the lowest paying job i've had in toronto. maybe.
it's as a telephone surveyist. now melissa and i can be twins.

whatevs. at least i won't be bone-tired. and i can make my own hours pretty much.

i'm going to meet chala in kensington now.

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