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2006.01.31 10:42 a.m.

Okay, so there was one audition I'd never heard back from (the serialized theatre thing) so, I just assumed that I didn't get it. Despite my sweet audition. But then it turns out that they do want me, just not right away here. He even said that I had a very impressive auditon.
So, officially I've booked every audition I've had this year.
Well, that's a pattern just begging to be broken. Especially since I keep talking about it.

Woah, I was out of the house for most of yesterday. That's extreme for me.

I ran into Nathanael on the streetcar, but it was especially awesome because he happened to call me right before he got on and I said I'm on the streetcar, and identified which one and then he said, "oh, okay, I'll see you in a minute" and then he did.

I went to this job interview, except that I couldn't for the life of me find the place. Which was pretty much fine because I'm sure I didn't want to work there.
But then I wandered around the downtown core for awhile and looked at things. I want to take some photos in the td building. it's got a huge domed windowed roof and the floor is made of those glass cubes and light comes up through them.
Downtown feels like it's closing in on you and there's never sunshine because the buildings block it out. Overly bizarre.

I stopped in Kensington for groceries on my way home. I bought a lot of vegetables and some bread. Vegetables have got to become my main snack food, because I can't stop eating.

When I got home Priscilla and Chris came over. They said they were bringing gifts and I could hear them laughing all the way up the stairs.
On account of they're moving today, they brought me all of their food and random junk they didn't want.
I mean some of the food is good for me, like chocolate and stale cookies and (more) vegetables. But two things of bread crumbs?? Two? Come on. And a paper-cup dispenser? Who even uses paper-cups? Why did they even have this? And a jar of olive oil with about a tablespoon left in it. And some weird vials of liquid that unlabled but Priscilla says "they're good for you. Put them in your food!"

They laughed so hard they fell over.
I ate some stale cookies.

Then I went down to the school with Naomi to see this movie that one of the theatre kids made. It was pretty good. It starred two of my favorite theatre kids, Sefton and Rory, who were both really solid. And I talked to them afterwards, they should be my new best friends.

Naomi and I are in similar-style boats. In that we both have nothing to do right now and badly need jobs and yet the tv is just so enticing....

Actually, next week is going to be pretty hectic, I'm supposed to be shooting three movies, doing a few auditions, having a slumber party with Erica and Jennifer, and having a class/meeting down at the school. Not to mention that if I don't make some money in the very near future, I will die.
No, for serious.

I want the extras agency to call me. And then I want to get money.
And then I want to spend it!

Today I'm helping P move.. and Figaro is moving in. But first I'm supposed to have brunch with Nathanael, which would be nice on account of I haven't spent time with him in forever.

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