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2006.03.06 4:35 p.m.

Yeah, I guess I want to go to the Oscars. Yeah i guess I want a big dress and pearls and diamonds. Yeah pink diamonds and pink pearls and a pink dress maybe. No! maybe white. No! Maybe black. No! Maybe red. Yeah, maybe red and green and christmassy.
I would kind of want to make it onto the worst dressed list.
But then my mother would be mad and say I shouldn't always dress for humour value. Stupid mothers.

I like watching awards shows, I'll admit. And I'll admit that I liked Reese Witherspoon's acceptance speach. I did. Especially the part about getting to play a real woman character with depth and dignity. She knows about how good roles are few and far between.
Ugh it's so fucked up how there are fewer male actors and far more parts for men.
And I liked what she said about her parents being proud of her no matter what she was accomplishing.

The fashion wasn't overly exciting.
I'm seriously in love with Michelle Williams. Which is kind of funny because I didn't love her on Dawson's Creek, and I haven't even seen Brokeback. But I did love her in this movie called Me Without You. I'd really like to see that one again actually. And own it.
But Michelle has my dream life. And she seems to be getting prettier and prettier.
I want to meet a nice hollywood heartthrob, have a pretty baby and get nominated for an oscar.
I mean, I'm not doing anything else right now, so I might as well.

I had a job interview this morning for this cafe in the Soho Hotel. Which was fine. Except that the cafe is very, very posh and rich and stuff. And working at Biff's really put me off that environment. I just don't know if I'm meant to be classy.
I think not.
Also, availability? It's so up in the air. And employers hate to hear that. They want full availability and I really have no idea when I will be available. And with auditions they really only tell you the night before.

But before my job interview I went and visited Jennifer at the CBC, where she's working security. It sounds like a pretty sweet gig, just letting people in and out of the building.
Once she made Rick Mercer sign in because he forgot his pass and she didn't recognize him. Awesome.
So we just sat in the food court and chattered a bit. I wish that I saw her and Erica more often.

Ali and I just went for tea. Except that I had an ice cream sundae. To celebrate.
Celebrate what??

I have an agent!!!

I go in on Wednesday to sign some papers and things and discuss my career. Then it will be official and I'll be so much closer to being famous.
Yeah. I'm excited. Yeah. Yeah. I'm excited I guess. Yeah.
It's with Chris, who I met with last week and adored. So hopefully the mutual adoration will continue and then we'll make me famous.

So me and Ali sat around and discussed our agents and careers and felt like real actors. We discussed the business and headshots and auditions and things.
We want work though. FYI.

I think we're going to Maria's play tonight. Hopefully. Though my history of getting into pwyc theatre is going badly. Everything always sells out. I disapprove.

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