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2007.02.20 12:57 a.m.

I got a care-package from ma maman on Friday and it has a whole sack of my favourite lemon cookies (which take more effort to make than I'd like..) and since they were a couple of days old already I felt like it was my duty to eat them all as fast as possible. I'm regretting that now. I wish I had more.

I have never received a care-package from my mum before. She brought me things when she came to visit and she sent a good haul with my computer. But I wasn't expecting this.
This, of course, sent me into hysterics when I got home on Friday night (at three in the morning) and opened it. It's a good thing I don't have room-mates for all the time I spend wailing in the night.
This package is ridiculously perfect though. Who knows you better than your mother..

A Saskatchewan tin filled with cookies, sparkly pencils (which I'd meant to steal from my brother before leaving), Carlan and Drew's Christmas card (which I was sad to have forgotten), another of my favourite plates (because I broke the last one into many many pieces), and a Valentines box filled with Valentine notepads and Valentine chocolates (the kind my mum used to throw at my head to wake me up on Valentines day, which I was thinking about all week).
Man that Sask tin is such a sweet tin:

I worked at The Docks last night. It was Chinese New Year and it was busier than I've ever seen it. And we had fewer actual coat-check staff, lots of bussers helping out.. but sometimes they just messed things up more. It was alright though. Maybe because I've been opting for not interacting with customers at all. And also because I put myself in charge of making sure everything is as organized as possible. This leads to much less confusion/anger at the end of the night. And because we made $45.. which is the most I've made there. Which still isn't that much.. but combined with my hourly wage it's actually fine. And every little tiny bit helps really. No. Really.

At least I made enough to get home. I'm seriously about to die on the streets. I'm not just saying that.

Sarah Burton had a Lonely Hearts Club party on Friday that was pretty fun. And ironic considering how much action SarahB gets. David and Paul were there for a bit when I got there but then they left and I knew almost no one.. which was awkward until I started yelling to SarahB about how I didn't like people and didn't feel like meeting anyone new and didn't feel like interacting or playing at social niceties, then everyone though "awww how cute" and thought I was just tooooooo funny (even though I was being mostly serious). So then I had to make friends with a couple of people. Luckily including a guy with a bottle of wine (which he passed my way.. the whole bottle.. mmhmm). Then Leslie showed up so I just interacted with her for the rest of the evening. She's pretty funny.

Well. I quit my job at the seedy Greek place already.
But it occurred to me that it would just be a replacement for the docks. I could make the same amount of money in less time (well, fewer days at least) at The Docks with less of a commitment. And I am scared of commitment.
The place was fine really. The shift I worked on Friday went smoothly. Except then the woman who was training me said that they wouldn't be paying me for training. Well. That just put my guard up.

But deciding not to go last night was pretty sweet. I love unexpected free time. Although I wasted it hardcore on Lavalife. Why would I do that? Who knows.. I saw an ad for it, then next thing I knew I was a member with 76 eligible (well...) bachelors smiling at me. I already have a bunch of private messages and invitations backstage and other gay things like that.
OMG. It just sucked me in again. Oh internet. My favourite enemy and time-sucker.

I am very torn on the idea of going on a date with a stranger.
a) I don't really need any more babes in my life right now
b) I hate awkward situations
c) I don't really like anyone very much
d) When people don't get my sense of humour but still want to date me it makes things pretty uncomfortable

Today was alright. I applied for some jobs, went to the library (because I really needed more TV shows on DVD to waste my time away) and met Naomi at the office. We are bad at the office these days. I just never feel like moving. But now that I walk there and back, it's worthwhile. And I really don't mind working out... when I get around to it.

Today, for the first time since getting back to Toronto, I started trying to organize my shit. I made a bit of progress. Even a half hour of tidying a day would make an obscene difference in here. I'm ridiculous. I organized my desk which is great because now I can fit way more food on it. And all I do is eat and compute.. so..

I wish I wasn't all of a sudden coughing so hard that my ribs hurt. I just don't feel like being sick. I'm going to ignore it and hopefully it will go away.

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