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2006.04.24 1:25 p.m.

There has been a bizarre lack of updating in this diary. This is because I have been bizarrely busy.
Which is unusual for me. Also by busy I mean, I occasionally have stuff to do.

On Friday I had an audition for this commercial that would pay 5000 dollars. Sure wish I'd gotten that one.

Working a lot lately. Friday, Saturday, Sunday in fact. Boston has been in town and so it's been busy. Lots and lots of Americans. Crazy Americans.
On Friday night I made 200 dollars. That's a lot of dollars. Like, more than one. I keep expecting someone to make me give it back. But I won't!

I hate how my spending increases to match what I'm making. I wish that I got more wage and less tips, then it would be slightly less accessible.
There's so many things to buy!

After work on Friday I went to a party at this guy, Morgan's, house where some of the Ryerson kids were going to be. It's the house that Jamie's moving into next month. It's only a few blocks away and therefore Jamie can lend me all his movies. And I can stalk him.

It was a strange party because David and his Stefanie were there. I didn't notice them right away and I was quite surprised to see them. Turns out Stephanie used to date Morgan. Recently. Toronto's small!
I only stayed for a bit because I had to go to work in the morning. I mostly just hung out talking to Chris and admiring the pretentiousness of film and photography kids.
Because I'm judgemental like that.

It's really a shame how I hate everyone. I hope I grow out of that.

It's quite possible that I don't like Stephanie at all. On paper she's so someone I'd enjoy.. but in life.. she somehow manages to be too-cute and condescending at the same time. I'd like to see her wear something somewhat normal.. or just plain really. And not try and reference things no one's ever heard of.

Saturday after work I went for sushi with Sophia and we talked about boys and things. It was fun. Both she and her roommate are daughters of preists. In highschool they had to fight against going to mass three times a week. Extreme. That'd be a way to grow up.

When I have a family I'll consider going to church. But probably only unitarian church. Because I like the idea of the community and good values and so on.

Sunday I got to work with my two favourite beer spotters (security that stands by us and makes sure rules are followed and stuff) Bojan and Prince. I hadn't seen either one of them yet this season. They are complete opposites and both entertaining in their own ways.

After work on Sunday I went for sushi with Katrina. I haven't seen Katrina in around 10 years, except in passing every day at skydome. We had well-needed talks and good food. My favorite kind of get-together.
We decided to see each other more often.. but she works ridiculous amounts.. so.

Katrina and I discussed how I feel about rockstars as she feels about sportstars.
We're going to go to Jay's game soon and get good seats and get all trashed and stuff. Funsies!

The guy that Katrina had been seeing lately was listed recently in the post (or someplace) as one of the top bachelors in the country. Now he's in talks or something to be the next TV bachelor. What the eff? That's dumb.
He really thought she should be impressed. And likes to park his BMW beside her in the lot by their works to impress her.

What a world. These things actually happen?

I'm a hippie still a bit, and it's hard to reconcile those values with this city.

Miranda's home and I'm planning to see her today. The excitement! This is also the mark that summer is here basically.

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