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2007.03.21 5:52 p.m.

So it looks like I got on at the ACC. Which is sweet. I'll be doing the same beer-serving job that I do at skydome. For a better wage. I'm excited! And it's mostly in the winter, which is the perfect compliment to skydome.

I managed to spend my gift card. Quelle surprise. I made an extremely good haul actually. I got socks and a sweater and baking sheets and a giant chocolate bar and some sunglasses.
I love stuff.
So much.

Aquafit is seriously fun. Exercise that is also fun is hard to come by. In my humble opinion. To me. The music is what makes the class though. And Naomi being in a bad mood is so funny. I wish I were that amusing when I was mad.

I did laundry today. I love clean laundry. I love it. I want to roll around in piles of clean laundry. I have so many damn clothes and I hate them all. I want riches to buy everything in the world.
While my laundry was laundering I had coffee with Joanna and Devon. They went to highschool together. This world is small. We had a heated discussion about girls' idiot behaviour. Girls are idiots. That's for sure. So is everyone.

Ellen came into town unexpectedly on Monday night. She had a few-hour stop-over here on her way back to Boston from Saskatoon. She'd had to go back because of illness in her fam. I wish it had been better circumstances, but it was still really great to see her.

Had lunch yesterday with almost of all of MCDA. Leslie wasn't there but Sarah and Niki and I visited Dana and she gave us sandwiches and coffee. Dreamy. I love MCDA. Sarah's moved in with David and Paul (in Tamara's house) so now everyone's in my hood. And Niki's looking for a new place. Which will hopefully be right close by again.

I love coffee. I recently addicted myself to it. It gives me the shakes and I still love it.

Walking home from the gym I ran into Chala. What a dreamboat. She just knows my heart these days. We went for a quick coffee and talked.

I hope that I am always as lucky with the quality of friends I have as I am these days.

Last night I hung out with my new friend Seanjordan, who the internet has helped me befriend. After we met when he checked his bag. I just take such good care of bags that then people want to see more of me. He's pretty fun and funny (which is obviously most important) and a babe. We went to Victory and had beer. We discussed nerd-business like comics and dinosaurs and how he's allergic to everything. Ever. It grows clear to me that humour is probably more important than anything else.
I had Wilco on repeat last before leaving, and then they were playing the same thing at Victory. It's like they read my mind.

I hate the internet.

Sometimes possibilities are much, much better than the real thing. Sometimes the real thing is the clear winner.
Great observation, I know.

I really really really want a kitten. So much. Springtime is a good time to get a kitten. Ugh. I'm greedy and I want everything.

It's the first day of spring. And I am so, so ready for it. I can't wait to get all heated up and sunned.

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