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2006.03.11 6:35 p.m.

Being an actor is very, very weird. The whole idea of it is so extra bizarre.
Especially the part about being so neutral all the time.. so that they can kind of put whatever character/look/style/etc onto you. You're supposed to be like a canvas. In theory.
Except that they also want you to look like the character the second you come in the door. They have no imagination. They want a blonde/brunette/redhead, they don't imagine dying your hair, they will only recognize you with that specific hair colour. Same for haircut, make-up, and clothing.
And you're supposed to look exactly like your picture. Exactly. Well, that is ridiculous. I make an effort to never look the same, let alone everyday. I want to be ever-changing, never married to one particular look. I don't want to be a bore.

If I had money I'd get my hair done and I'd get a manicure and a petticure. And maybe get waxed. I would. I would and it makes me feel weird to think that my friends would frown upon such things.
Sure, fashion is just like highschool where the popular kids dictate what to wear and then everyone follows suit.
But that's the way it goes in any sort of group. And you can't tell me that's not true. I see it in hippies and punks and anarchists and goths. No one is actually original or damning the man. Or forging their own style. We all take from each other and media and everywhere really.
Aaand by hippie/anarchist standards then I should be able to wear whatever I please. Even if it is in fashion.

Also, I want to get a commerical. I really want to be in an advert for something. Even something I didn't necessarily believe in (but not mcdonalds and not wal-mart because i have my limits). But I hate that some would say I was selling my soul. Because we all are really... in any job where you're not working solely for yourself.. or the good of the world/society then it's selling out.
I just want to do it on a bigger scale. And for more money. And I want it to lead me onto my dream path.

Hmm. I wasn't expecting to write all that.

Don't worry, I bought more chocolate soy milk. Do you think it would taste good on granola?

My friend Miamo (Naomi - but Jennifer once accidentally spelt it Miamo on msn, and I still get a big bang out of it) is with OAZ (one of the TOP agencies) and she's getting sent out for these huge roles. Which sounds awesome, except that they really go to established actors. Like almost-stars from the states even. So she feels like it's kind of pointless.. so even getting the great auditions has its downside.

Miamo and I went shopping yesterday. Because I had one hundred dollars. Kind of. So we went to the mall. And what a mall.

I visited Andrea at The Body Shop and we discussed again how we should hang out. Maybe we will someday.

Mostly we shopped at Old Navy. I bought a cute black blazer that has a ribbon in the back and a big button. And I bought a christmas shirt. It's kind of pretty actually, and obviously really cheap. Miamo bought clothes for her audition this week and we put it all on my giftcard thing and then she gave me cash moneys, so it worked out nicely.

Then we went and shopped around. HMV had no Buffy Sainte-Marie albums. That's ridiculous.

We went and spent my giftcertificate for Fruits and Passions and the sales girl kept comparing things to the Body Shop and it was irritating me. Especially because I genuinely feel like F&P has inferior product. And she was using it as a sales technique - 'this room spray lasts much longer than the kind you would fine at The Body Shop' etc etc. She was irritating me.
But my giftcertificate was already expired so I wanted to spend it quick and hope they didn't notice. Which they didn't. I bought cocoa body butter (which Body Shop's is nicer. FYI.) and got a free lipbalm which tastes of soap and a bar of kiwi-lime soap (which is really nice). Then she gave me free samples, which I shared with Miamo. That store does go allll out, tonnes of fancy packaging and tissue and ribbons. The gift bag was especially nice though, a japanese print in blues and reds. I'll save it for my mother. Then she sprayed the tissue with perfume and it hurt my head.
But I'd had a bad headache all day.

Then we went to The Bay and had tea in their cafeteria. The food was really quite gross. And disappointing because we were excited for chocolate treats.

We went to the theatre to see Allan's improv thing. Improvised movies they call them. I wasn't overly-impressed but my head was pounding too badly to concentrate much, and I think my vision was off a bit. It was a clever idea to do the improvised movie DVD version with director commentary. There was a funny boom-mic bit.
I think the Soaps (in Saskatoon) are so good because of the characters. You get attached to the characters and it's like the things they say and ways they are get funnier with familiarity. Like you're in on it maybe.

We chatted with Allan for a bit. And met his wife. Hahahahaah. I had no idea Allan was married. He has NEVER once mentioned her. Isn't that bizarre? We've heard tales of him trying to kill past girlfriends with sharks and I've heard about his parents and siblings and things, but never about his wife. They've been married 15 years. Huh. She was very, very nice though. As expected.

I really like Miamo. I find her so easy to spend time with. I don't really know why. We don't have anything in common particularly, except school, but I find her easy to talk with and relate to. And enjoyable and funny. Uh huh.

Today I went to Chinatown to buy batteries (I love the rip-off brandnames like ultracell and durapower and things) and soy milk. Fuck it was busy.
It was beautiful out today and the market was filled with young families, men clutching their baby-bundles to their chests and women with little girls holding hands in lines. And cute hipster couples in big sunglasses and aging hippie couples in funny hats and shoes.
It's still a bitch to walk through though.

I ran into Jenn on my way home. P's Jenn, not my Jennifer. I like her a whole lot. So we stopped to chat and she gave me timbits and cigarettes. We sat on the steps of a bank in the strong sunlight and shot the shit. Yeah. It was the perfect afternoon for such business.
Felt really good.

Huh. I have things to write about today. I actually have more things to discuss (with myself really) but I was not intending for this to go on sooo long, and I won't be continuing today. I have wine to drink and dishes to wash and baths to get right into.

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