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2006.02.23 3:48 p.m.

There's a lot of garlic in this guacamole. Yeah, I splurged and bought an avacado.

Figaro sleeps in the clothes hamper now. It's funny because it's quite deep.

I'm in the process of rearranging the entire room and I've accidentally got rid of his favorite sleeping places.
Damn there's too much stuff in this household. And there's just nowhere to put it. And there's just too much furniture and I'm scared to get rid of it because as soon as I do I know I'll need it.
It's looking better though. I like having change. It feels fresh.

I went out last night with Dave and Paul and their friends. I got overly-drunk. It was kind of silly.
I feel very bad about how much stuff Dave's always giving me. I like Dave very, very much. I like that he constantly makes fun of me/insults me but still is actually really good to me.
I really like their friend Kate. She's really friendly and nice. I'm going to try and get her a job at skydome. And if I work at greenpeace I'll be working with her. She says they need more girls around there. We'll tell secrets allll day.
I really like Paul. And I've possibly figured out who he reminds me of. Peter Sarsgaard in Freak City. Specifically only in Freak City. And they both have a specific way of speaking that I quite like.

Today's been pretty good so far. I woke up hung-over and still pretty drunk. Then I watched some bad daytime television. Cityline made me really want to get a fireplace.

Then I made delicious herbed hashbrowns that I ate with mayonaise. Which actually made me feel a lot better.

I went to Aunties and Uncles with Ali. We had soup. We love the soup. Actually, we love everything, it's just that we can only afford soup at this point.
It was slow so David could pay attention to us. But he didn't really!
Other David (there's three actually) found this diary through googling. I think I will just turn this weblog into an advert for

Aunties and Uncles
74 Lippincott Street (at College)

I recommend the good soup, the omelettes, the waffles, the pan bagnat, the banana pancakes, the grilled cheese. Wait, I actually recommend everything I've tried there.
And contrary to other reviews I've read, I'd say the service is quite quick (and the servers are dreamboats), the coffee is delicious and it's worth it to go early for the while-they-last waffles.
The decor is amazing - mix-matched chairs and old-style formica tables, toys to play with, the upstairs washroom has almost-naked ladies on the walls, and there's a secret bucket of aunties-and-uncles pins. The crowd is friendly - everyone looks like (and is probably) a rockstar. And if you listen closely you can hear David singing along to whatever's playing. And if you're really lucky, he'll sing something of his own.


MarkInside tonight. Ali, P, and I are planning to dance. We'd better dance. I'm planning to not get overly-stupid-drunk like the last time. I'd like to be able to stay for the music at least.

Oh, yeah, one of my friends from the Metric shoot isolated this frame for me.

too funny.

I really can't wait to dance. It's been too long. For shame.

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