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2004.12.17 10:13 a.m.

yeah. my gold membership sure expired. so i have no image hosting until i get on that renewing train. and my stats! i miss my stats..

the (horribly fat) tree is up and decorated. the computer is set to playing only chirstmas music. the malls are filled up with shoppers and all i see is red and green.
but it doesn't feel like christmas yet. i don't know if it will.

wow, i know i'm on edge when i cry through the whole o.c. christmukkah episode.
it was pretty good though.

i'm only working one job today, booster juice 11 to 7. that's weird. it'll be different. hopefully it'll be busy and fun and the time will fly by.
i should probably shop afterwards. holy shit do i ever not have time for christmas.

then there's a show tonight. i hope it's fun and i hope that i see lots of people and hug them.

it's sad to think that i might not complete awesome awesome things that i have planned for people. how disapointing.

boosterjuice was fun yesterday. i physically fell over laughing a couple of times. the first time was the funniest and it involved hillary prying my little fingers (that were the only thing holding me slightly up) off the counter. and then laughing at me while i lay convulsing on the floor.
i spent most of yesterday laughing or crying. i really can only handle extremes. i can't seem to settle..

and the body shop was pretty good too. i was only there for three hours so it was quick. i spent most of the time entertaining the sarahs and quizzing everyone on their lives.
sarah let me go right at nine because there were so many of us on for the close. that was sweet.

then i went and picked up constantine and we went to jerry's. kind of unfortunately jeffrey b. was also there, with his girlfriend (i forget her name) and so we got to sit with them. which was actually fine and pretty funny. but nowhere near as fun as constantine and i on our own. they did leave after a bit and we hung out alone. but i decided to get the crossword out of the paper and we just did that for a good hour until the place closed. it was pretty hillarious how little communicating we did. but it was still really really nice. and we finished the crossword (yeah. some of it's wrong. for sure.).

it's harsh that because of having so many gorgeous people around me i would so extra sad to be leaving...

i'd like to see some people playing handbells. oh yes for serious..

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