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2005.08.18 1:18 p.m.

i am so addicted to the internet and i have no internet at home and now i don't go to school and oh no.

so now i'm a college graduate. i guess. i mean, i have no proof or anything, but it seems like i've graduated. now i am an actor i guess.

oh holy hell. now what???

so at the age of 21, i now have a collection agency after me. what the f? and it's by the weirdest of all places.
now you've heard of bad fines, but who's heard of a library sending a collection agency after you?

pretty soon the ambulance people will be sending an agency after me as well, because i sure can't pay my $240 bill!
what are they going to do, break my knees?
that seems counter-productive.

i miss nick and also sweetthing and also i miss geordie and themarkinsiders and i miss my home and i miss my familyand i miss my teachers (not michael) and i miss everything.
except virtually all of my classmates who i've seen far, far too often in the past few weeks.

on tuesday we had a final meeting and then on tuesday night we had (another) party and we screened the video yearbook that katrina, nathanael, and stacy-ann made. it was good. also strange.
it was definitely biased towards their class and them. it had a lot of footage of stacy and nathanael. there were some people who weren't featured at all really (i wasn't one of them, but erica and jen were). and it was all footage and pictures of the last couple of months and that's boring right now. i wanted them to use more of the footage and pictures from last year and some other stuff.
it sucks because there's nothing to say or do about it. and i know they put in a tonne of effort, and i'm grateful that they did, but everyone was willing to helpout, and they wanted to do it all themselves. and i offered some of my pictures and they said they had too many.
it's just kind of sad.
also: katrina if you read this, please tell me.

suzanna went and cried when she didn't win most likely to win an oscar.

priscilla and i have made up and so i hung out with her all of yesterday. it was nice.
we had brunch (for four hours) at aunties with ali and jenn. lots of big coversations and free blueberry pancakes.
then p and i watched my demo reel (the menu and setup look so good, but the actual quality of the thing is so bad) and she said she thought i was good. which is good, since, well, you know.
then we went and visited miranda and got fro-yo. then we went and picked her up some sushi. then we went to her house and visited chris and cats. and i ate a sandwich from her fridge and it was good.

today i'm meeting chala, and probably also going to a bbq (sickening) at mark's house with miranada and rory (who i never see enough).

besides that the future stretches out indefinitely in a scary way and all i want is to go home.
or start being an actor.

both seem hard.

i cleaned and rearranged my apartment and now like it better. a computer would really complete the place though.
i found my free booster juice card under the bed though.

allan told me i'd never be a leading lady so there was no point losing weight and i've been obsessed with that ever since.
he doesn't even know how pretty i am.

i just hate being told i can't do something.

i just hate not having the internet at my fingertips.

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