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2005.12.03 1:05 p.m.

always tired and lazy. always lazy and tired.

slept for probably 12 hours last night. and it was for the best. i finished my book got kind of bad near the end. or maybe i just tired of it.

i watched tv with my mother. 22 minutes is a good show. and some of the justforlaughs was okay. but not brilliant. especially the guy who only talked of differences between men and women. grow up, i say.

visted hillary at work yesterday. she's decorated the store very well. good christmas decorations are good for you.
i'm getting excited for our valentine's date.

i went to mcc and to value village. i bought christmas mittens and mugs. i also bought a black collared shirt for working at body shop.
the dress code is kind of sweet. it's just all black and then they gave us this really long red silk sash, that's decorated with white snowflakes. and we can wear it however we want. in our hair, as a belt, as a scarf, etc, etc. it's nice.
i start there this afternoon. and i get to work with a couple of the girls i really liked from last year.

oh i also went to the mall. the midtown. ohhh malls. a lot of stores had changed. i didn't buy anything from payless, despite the temptation. sigh.
i kind of want the loafers with the skinny wedge heels. yeah huh. if they'd had them in black i would have bought them.

i tried to go bra shopping at the bay. ooohhh no. i am such an odd size i can't even explain. especially because of losing weight and having a weirdly small ribcage. whatevs bras, i say. go ahead and fit poorly, see if i even wear you. it is frustrating though.

i keep having nightmares. that's a rarity.
although i did have a cool dream about joanna newsom playing at the u of s and she'd cut off all of her hair. it was a sort of buzz cut and she looked nice.

i'm settling down and trying to feel something. well, my stomach feels upset.

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