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2006.06.07 7:44 p.m.

New /private, for the good parts.

dear diary,
you take a lot of effort and are boring and no one reads you. Except me. And I do like to read you.

Today my makeshift (for months now) computer table collapsed and my computers all fell on top of each other and my legs and scraped me up. But this little monster was alright and you have no idea how glad I was. Oh little computer. You are my tie to the world.

I did get my magazine made. Kind of. I still need to make more copies. And some copies were badly done. But I didn't cry about it (close).

That whole day was just too much work. I was feeling overly moody and achey and whiney. And so of course everything went wrong. And I hate riding my bike when I'm in a bad mood. Especially when it has mostly flat tires.

Some people did come. It was pretty crowded for a bit there. But a whole lot of people didn't come.
And that was upsetting. But I should have expected it of course.

The people that did come were people that I do like a lot. Well, except Devon's friend Mike who I really dislike. As Sophia says, "he's just a guy who screams DOUCHE".
For instance I've met him around a hundred times and I still always think his name is Matt.

List of people that came to my party:
Adam Jones and his roommate, Matt
Sarah (from Ryerson)
Devon and Mike
Ali and her cousin Morgan
Sarah Burton
Miranda and Jordan
Morgan and Rebecca
David and Stef

I think that's everyone.

AdamJones is so awesome. He's just a sweetheart. And he helped me make my magazines and then said he'd like to make a movie with me in it. I'd really like that! Especially since I really liked the one he made this year at Ryerson.
It's weird that he lived with LindseyCochrane. Small world.
I was happy that Ryerson Sarah came too. I like people who are up for doing things.

And it was good to see Paul and David. And I made a better attempt at befriending Stef. I even leant her Pippi Longstocking. She, Tamara, and I bonded over how we'd all put wire in our hair to hold them up.

Naomi came very late and she stayed over and Nathanael came back so we went to get candy. Because that's what I'm about.

In fact I wish I had more candy right right now.

Monday I did a lot of nothing. Nathanael came over in the evening on acid. That always makes for interesting conversation. You know, I'm fairly anti-drug.
For me at least.

Yesterday I did background work on that movie. It was alright. I definitely had the ugliest hairdo around. And I was so jealous because there were some really really nice ones.

Mischa Barton was there. She is pretty. It's too bad she's such a bad actor. She took her small dog everywhere with her.
I didn't know that she's off the OC. Shows how much I care.
The kid from Everwood was there too. And he was looking very very similar to MattFinn. Bizarre. He even had dark-framed glasses he wore while they weren't filming. And he had the same kind of swagger.

I ended up hanging out with the kids a lot. There were a bunch of them onset and some of them were pretty cool. I like kids a lot. And I'm good with them. In my own way.

It was an alright day. Too much standing in the sun.. but besides that it was alright. I'll be interested to see the movie.

I had brunch with Ali this morning. Oh aunties.. where everyone in the world goes.
Nick, Martha and Tyler and friend were there. Of course. And Owen and his GF rode by later on. And Morgan's roommate Lauren was there.

Yes, I do, do like having this community, this neigborhood full of good kids.

Tonight I'm going out with some girls for girls night. I am going to drink some beer.
I ate pretty much a whole onion and some eggs. I feel that is the best way to troll for babes. Smelling of eggs and onions.

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