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2005.07.27 1:11 p.m.

OH MY GOD. what the hell? do you even know who's been not THREE BLOCKS from my house three times in past couple of months? oh just guess. just guess! serioiusly!
it's jtt.
no lies. well, i mean, i don't know, i haven't seen him, but i'm not sure why sarah would lie because she doesn't care about him (and she sat on his lap!). oh hellfire.
nevermind joe, it's my true stalkee that needs all my attention. seriously. holy hell.
okay so i need a game-plan. i need an outfit. i need a camera.

this is not a joke.

seriously though, i think it'd be tooooo funny if i met jtt. and then dated him. and then fell in love with him. and then got married.

although we're really not eachother's type. but we can grow to be! i'll become tall and blonde and he'll become indie-rock and pretty.

oh geez.

and he's done at harvard now apparantly. which means i've been wasting my time with ellen. just kidding because i love her. luckily.

oh hell.

yeah. besides that - not much is new. i didn't go to the beach because it was raining. me and chala went to sarah's and made a fruit-salad and toast with saskatoon-berry-jam breakfast. it was pretty nice. chala new about jtt but she forgot to tell me. what kind of friend is that????

wow i have to get shit together. seems unlikely.

though i did clean my house a bit, i mean, i want to be able to invite him back to my place for "a drink".

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