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2007.12.11 3:14 p.m.

I don't have time for you, diary!

I'm sick today. And it's ice-raining outside. And it's slippery. Don't wear your cowboy boots out there, you'll fall for sure.

So, so much to get done and I can't move. But I also don't feel like sitting still. Maybe sleeping more, but I can't justify that.

Things to get done:

- bake for the party tomorrow
- get decorations for party
- buy Christmas gifts for fam
- buy Christmas gifts for friends
- buy ribbons and trimmings and things
- wrap gifts
- make cards
- get photos printed for cards
- deal with my emotional disfunctions
- get my coat-check cheque
- make money to pay for all these things I need to buy
- make the crafts I'm still planning on even though I obviously have no time
- play my scrabulous moves. Though I'm really not feeling it

I go home so soon, hey? Like so soon.
Next Monday.

Too much has gone one while I've not been updating. I couldn't even tell you.

I :

-lost and found my cellphone. I still don't know where it was found because I wasn't the one who retrieved it. Was pretty glad to get it back though

- worked a lot. A lot. But still I don't have any money. I'm still enjoying ACC because it's such a sweet job and I'm still totally going to get fired because I forget to do things like hand in my availability and stuff. I also did some coat-checking for Sam (boss at Big Chill) and it was alright, but still annoying.

- baby-sat a little. Ana continues to be remarkably cute and pretty charming and the baby, T-Rex, is ridiculous and smiles and stuff. I'm baby-sitting tonight too but only later at night.

- partied. Got pretty pretty drunk the other night with The Girls (Sarah, Steph, Solo, Julia) on mimosas and we ate a whole goddamn lot of truffle. So delicious. We lay around at Steph's house drinking and giving each other massages. This is what boys think that girls do on girls' nights but rarely actually happens. All those girls are so hot though, seriously.
I drunkenly called a bunch of people and left voice-mails that I have no recollection of. Embarrassing.

- Ate brunch a lot. So Much. I should have stock in Aunties. I love it there. Went there today with Ali and Note-Boat and we were joined by one of David's friends (who turned out to be meeting Hayden and co. but still sat with us, even though I told him I would choose Hayden Any Day. I love Hayden and I get the shakes when he's around. But you know that already). I love swiss cheese in the omelette.

- Ate a lot of poutine. Holy bejeezus, it's so good. I get veggie souvlaki and poutine with veggie gravy at Utopia. And I get full. And I get fat. And happy.

- Re-bonded with Sophia. We've been getting along fantastically these days. I'm enjoying her so much. We are good at doing things and planning things. One night we made Christmas cards for about 5 hours. And drank Christmas tea and watched a terrible Christmas movie (Santa Baby starring Jenny McCarthy. Don't watch it. Ever.)

-Continued bonding with Miranda. I'm always surprised at how funny I find her, and I really shouldn't be. We went to see Lars and the Real Girl and we loved it. I loved it so much. It made me feel so good inside.

- am now appearing in three commercials that are currently on-air. I have never been more famous and never felt more like a real actor. I wish I had the money to back up that feeling.

- now have my very own IMDB page!!!!! I am very excited about this and have been wanting one for oh-so long!

Plans I have:

- Christmas Birthday Party tomorrow night, which starts out with the Fancy Ladies' Dinner Party and is followed up by a boy-girl mixeroo. Having it over at Sophia's and we're getting together tomorrow to make a bunch of food and stuff. I think it'll be nice. I hope people actually come and party down.

- Stacy-Ann's Girls Christmas party on Friday. I'm pretty excited about this, I love girls-only stuff and I love dressing fancy and in red and exchanging gifts.

- The Adams and I are having a Christmas get together next Sunday where we bake together and watch Elf and Home Alone. This is the best idea. I'm very, very excited.

- Going home next Monday (LESS THAN A WEEK OMG OMG OMG) and then doing a whole lot of nothing. So much nothing is going to happen. Only:
----- baking
----- crafts
----- gift giving
----- value village shopping
----- tea drinking
----- Christmas movie watching
----- Baby-holding
----- Family bonding
Oh yeah yeah huh

- Birthday!

- Christmas!

I'm been sort of really quite down/moody/irritable-beyond-words these days and I'm trying to figure out what it is and what to do about it... so far... little progress. But I'll keep at it.

Okay. Time to get at 'er.

But I so don't want to.

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