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2004.12.22 8:22 a.m.

holy christ do i not want to go to work. today's plan:
body shop: 9 to 4
booster juice: 5 to 9.
i'm going to fall over i guarantee.

oh god i'm tired.

yesterday was so long. the days just keep getting longer and longer it seems. okay, only three more working days. right? good. and only two more working days and then my birthworkingday.

i did go shopping yesterday morning. how productive of me. i'm quite amazing. i went to the midtown and to some shops on second. and i got a few things bought. just a few things. i think that all christmas shopping should be done downtown. you know, not in malls, but in shops that you have to hurry along cold streets to get to. it felt a little like christmas.
i also bought myself a couple of things. which i needed....well, probably anyway.

then i went to lawson and ate a whole lot of food before starting work. and it was good. but i felt really sick later on which serves me right for thinking i could eat and stuff.
i got so tired i wanted to fall over at about 2.30. that sucked.
and then i worked at b.s. all evening and i was just really tired. mostly i can keep myself entertained enough not to let my eyes close. and it was pretty busy (though we didn't make budget again..sigh..) so i had lots to do. men shopping at the body shop last thing before christmas does get funnier and funnier.
not that i'm generalizing.

someone effed up the cashout and we were there so late last night..i left a bit before everyone so that i could make it to safeway..but i think they were there past ten. it's pretty harsh.

i'm glad i get to go back first thing this morning.

i'm still sore all over. wow, i'm so smart. who decided two jobs was a good plan.. i wish i were drunk.

i forgot to say about how the night before last i went over to john's house and he gave me my birthday card and it's soooo cute. it's got a picture of a little bunny holding a birthday cake standing beside a little christmas tree and it's 'for your december birthday'. aww. and he gave me some chocolate for my family but i didn't give it to them. because i'm a horrible person like that.

it is almost my december birthday.

i wish i had time/patience for anything besides working and sleeping. but i just don't right now.

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