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2006.04.14 12:09 p.m.

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I guess that doesn't show up on buddy lists. A bizarre system.

So I should be in Niagara. But I'm not!
Because they cancelled it on me. Again. Hurrah!! What a waste of time.
They lost their location at the last minute. Which sucks for them.
They might want to shoot next week but I couldn't because the yankees and redsox are in town and that's where the money is.

So now I have a whole lot of nothing to do for the next few days. Which is chill because I really need to get creative and I need to clean and I need to read. Etc.

I got to go do ADR (additional dialogue recording) for the Ryerson film yesterday. That was neat. I got to see basically the finished picture. It was really good I thought. For realz.
I was uncomfortable watching myself though. I could have done better for sure. I said that to Chris and he said 'but you've been getting so many compliments'. So that's good at least.
As long as no one else notices how bad I am.

Then I had an audition to go to but it wasn't for awhile, so I wandered around downtown for quite some time. I like downtown. Yonge street and Queen street and all the rest of it. The buildings are so high and close together that it's never sunny in there. Feels surreal.

I went and visited Jennifer at her work at the CBC building. I do really like her little face. She's too funny. Working at the CBC building would be pretty good for connections and seeing what's going on all around.

My audition was for the US national commercial. And the call was for teenaged girls - like 16, 17 years old. I felt way more comfortable going in after the age thing in Monday's audition.
I got there and I'm like 'yeah, all the girls looks around my age' and then I noticed they were all with their parents. Very bizarre.
The audition itself was fun, just got to get mad and throw a water bottle. My kind of thing. Commericals are cool like that, they're just like a little improv.

I'm sad not to get an Easter basket. Especially since allll of my family will be together eating gingerbread pancakes. Hardly seems fair.

Erica comes up every week now (from St. Catharines) to do her course at Second City, so I got to see her for the first time in around 4 months yesterday. That was really good. But the thing about seeing people is you realize how much you miss them.

We decided to go out for drinks with Nathanael, his friend Matt, and Priscilla at Sneaky Dees. Which was pretty fun for bit. I love Sneaky Dees nachos. So much. And I ran into Nathan, who I talked to very breifly, and it turned out he played a solo show this week and I didn't know about it. He said he told Priscilla and figured it would get back to me. But it didn't. Fuck. I would really have liked to have seen that.

We called Devon and he came and brought his friend Mike, they got there just as Erica was leaving. I like Devon, he's so.... Devon-ish. So characteristic of himself. In a nice and reassuring way.
I got pretty uncomfortable at one point. Suffice to say that Priscilla managed to make me madder at her than I've been in some time, which, with Priscilla, is saying a lot.
I ran into Sophia of the Ryerson crowd and she knows Devon so I brought her and her friend over and we stayed talking for quite some time after P and Nathanael and Matt had left.
I do like Sophia, I might go to a party she's having this weekend. Just integrate myself into the Ryerson kids' group without them even knowing it.

Devon's moved into a condo with a sweet amenities centre and a pool.
Holy hell do I want to go swimming. And he says I can. So I'm going to. For realz.
Can you imagine living in a complex that had a giant pool? And a bowling alley? And a movie theatre?
It'd be like living in a hotel every day.

Hmmm.. I wonder what I'll do with my weekend. Could do anything really.. probably do nothing.

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