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2006.05.15 3:44 p.m.

I'm totally not feeling this whole add-an-entry business. But I'm getting behind!

new /private from yesterday.

I keep forgetting which day it is. It's a good thing I never have anything to do and that the Jays are on a roadtrip (even though it feels like I'm leaking money and I can't clot the tear).

There's a lot of empty liquor bottles lying around and a small glass of flowers which I pulled from my hair before falling into bed last night and dead-sleeping straight through 9 hours.

Damn this partying has been pretty extreme.
I like the stick-to-ive-ness all these kids seem to have.

I went to the filmscreenings again on Friday night with the crew. They were really good again. Especially, especially Norman's for sure.
And beautiful.

I went home breifly to recover from a stomach ache (sometimes it helps just to lie around a bit).
We went to lounge88 and Ted's afterwards where everyone started getting overly trashed.
Then Sophia held the official afterafter party. Which meant a lot of free drinks. I love free drinks.

I called up Devon and Nathanael and they came over. What kids..

I quickly became sloppy drunk and chatted with everyone. Met a guy (who made a brilliant movie) who was roommates with LindseyCochrane and Jenwhateverhernameis. What a small effin world.

A very good percentage of the Ryerson kids are really nice. And friendly. Possibly are also all alcoholics.

I got very little sleep, walked home when the sun was coming up. That was kind of brilliant.

Yesterday we went to see Jamie's band play. And all of the kids who had been partying the night before just looked wrecked. I turned around at one point and almost all my friends had their eyes closed.
The room was so nice and warm with coloured christmas lights all over the ceiling (very very much like AndrewKeith's room in highschool) and there were couches and I almost fell alseep around one hundred times.

Nathan was there and so I sat with him for a bit. I can't believe that I've known him for years now. It's kind of reasurring. Things never change.
Just how I feel towards them?

After the show Sophia, Tim, Norman and I decided to roast corn. Crazy kids. This involved buying a lot of stuff in order to make a makeshift bbq and roast it all up.
But, Christ, it was delicious.
And I just started drinking again and that made me forget how completely exhausted I was.
Good work team.

I'm mostly only friends with boys these days. It seems like I should be in love with them. Or care about making out with some of them at least..
Mostly it seems to still only be about winning and losing these days.
Boys don't like when you're making out with them and you imply that they could be anyone.

Tonight I think I'm going to try not-drinking for once. I think my mum will be impressed.
Sophia's coming over soon to watch the Grey's Anatomy that I taped. Wait, I should check to see if I actually did tape it.

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