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2005.04.28 12:19 p.m.

i've been away from the internet.

yesterday i saw one of the best concerts in awhile. holy shit the arcade fire is so amazing.
and the venue was so hot.
and the openers were hot.
the arcade fire though, what awesome, amazing people, and they seemed so genuinely nice and sweet. and i love all of the musicians and the running around and switching up and the vocals were so on.
really really neat.

are there any shows in saskatoon next week? i'd like to go to one.

yeah. i'm coming home on saturday so you better get ready for me and we'll do it.

except maybe without the doing it part.

i want to see everyone. but i also just want to spend time with my cats.

touro's driving me nuts. he's more of just an outdoor cat who stops by now. stops by and YELLS. a lot. at the door. and distroys the carpet.
he was unbearale before, but now he's awful. it would be fine if i had more than one room, but goddamn.

we had our showcase performance thing on friday. it was shockingly fun. and i did a sweet job. i'm ridiculously happy that they showed one of my (sad) improvs because i'm clearly far better at that.
everyone seemed genuniely impressed. viv said my improv broke her heart.
christina loves me now. seriously. it's so bizarre. she used to hate me (see description below). now she's all over me like white on rice. seriously she seemed shocked at how good i was. and now she's set me up with a possible stand-up gig at the end of this month... we'll see.

then after the party we all went and got smashed (well, i started drinking at the school. obviously. alone.). allan and viv came and partied with us! i bought lots of deepanddelicious cakes and we ate them. i woke up the next morning coated in chocolate.
allan was the centre of the party. dispensing wisdom. everyone was just crowded around him. awesome.
viv is just so awesome. she was dancing and partying!
alland and viv are going to hang out with us more often i think. i'm going to make them.

i just had my interview for end of semester.
it went swimmingly. except that i spent an extra bunch of time raising concerns about the program. because they asked for it. and then seemed to actually
john loves me now. i am sooooo glad. by the end of this semester i'm going to be his favorite. i'm excited for going back and working with him some more.
christina was going on and on about what a delight i am.
everyone was commenting on how funny and fun i am and how that'll help me so much in the business.
roland (voiceover) said he was excited for me to get to cartoon voices.
viv said she couldn't even really express what she felt for me (i hope in good way..).
i'm ignoring everything that michael said (not that i was bad, just irrelevant).

it was a super good way to end the semester. i'm actually almost looking forward to the next semester. especially with john and christina fully behind me.

the one day i forget my headphones..and i really wanted to watch the pearson video.

hopefully i'll see everyone even willrobbins (if he's not too fat and alone) when i get back.

i'm excited for valentines dates and 50th birthday parties.
and seeing everyone and everything. and supertruck.

guys, i might actually be good.

now, if only my belly didn't hurt.

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