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2006.06.16 6:35 p.m.

Be careful what you wish for.
Yeah, I did have an audition today. But for BurgerKing. Shit dog.
No, it's no worries on account of I won't get it and on account of it's only for use in Spain, and it's a group scene so I'd be unrecognizable.
What if I really did have to audition for one where I'd be eating a burger?

I think I have limits on how much of my soul is for sale.

But maybe not.

I did have a quiet night in last night. J Adam came over and we hung out and got takeout sushi and watched laugh-in.
I was exhausted and moody. Not completely sure why I've been up and down a lot lately. I think I'm just stressed. In good and bad ways. And I haven't had much time to really spend on my own. At all.
And I do need that time.

But he put up with me. So it worked out. He had to go and meet with his agent this morning, which was annoying because it meant waking up early. And he wouldn't get out of bed. I bet he was late for his meeting. Irresponsible!!
After he left I got up and ate some candy and cleaned the bathtub and played computer until he came back. Not that we're dating or anything.

I made a card for Morgan because it's his birthday and I like him a lot. It was pretty extreme with a lot of paper and feathers and ribbon. I think Morgan would like feathers.

So I dropped by Morgan's house on my way home from the audition to drop it off, and ended up sitting in his back yard with him for a couple of hours drinking beer. That was really, really nice. I hope I didn't overstay my welcome but it was just a nice afternoon and nice company. He's recently bought one of those wicker tree-chair-swings (you know, the nice big round ones to curl up in) and so I got to sit in it under the trees and look at his garden.
And twirl around in the chair and feel the grass brush the underside of my feet.
That's a great feeling.

Oh! Good news! Norman (who's films I am in awe of) wants me to work on a project with him next week. So yep. And it'll be with all the of the Ryerson kids that I know and love. It's just what I've been needing lately.

I have to leave pretty much this instant to go work at Big Chill, then I'm going to go party with the Ryerson kids in honour of Morgan.

I don't want to go to work.. but I think Rory and I are working together, so it should be fun. Cross my fingers.

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