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2006.11.18 4:40 p.m.

Paper cranes everywhere.

I worked coat-check on Thursday and it was so dead that I only made about $15. But I read half my book and made a zillion cranes and wrote a bit of (really really deep) poetry. And I got to leave at 11. Which meant I got to go dancing too. Except that I drank too much wine too quickly and the dance party wasn't very happening. And even though it was the first time that MCDA has all been together it really wasn't that exciting.
It was nice of Niki to walk me home though. And help me take out all my recycling.

Yesterday I had coffee with Dana for the first time in too long. We went to Starbucks... which we should stop doing because I'm really not a fan. And they were playing Nick Drake which I hate. I mean, I love Nick Drake, but I hate it when it's playing in Starbucks.
Especially when a crazy man is yelling a lot at people that I can't see and yelling and swearing at the baristas and then they call the police and after all that is settled they give us a coupon for a free drink.
But I bet they didn't give the crazy man a coupon. Even though he probably use it far more than any of us.
I will make an effort to get the most expensive free drink I can.

Dana and I talked about some depressing things. And I hate hate hate when people I love get treated badly by others. It makes me want to track them down and slap them.

Worked again last night. But not for too long. I was feeling depressed and heavy and just could not get into working. I was doing a pretty terrible job. And getting frustrated because I just did not did not feel like working.
No one seems mad that I'm leaving though - so that's good. And now the pressure is off on learning how to do everything properly.
My housemates, Angie and Lindsay, were at the bar. But I forgot to go and visit with them before I left. I like them because they are ever-so friendly. My downstairs housemate is moving out in January. He's bought a house. He's lived in this house for eleven years. It will be interesting to see who moves in. I still haven't seen the basement tenants though...

After work I went home and changed and tidied a bit (I found my glasses!! Good things happen when I clean!). Then I went and met up with Niki and her friend Joda and his friend Nigel.
Nigel is a babe. More specifically he is the babe I winked at at the pool at Nuit Blanche many weeks ago. I'm unsure of how much of a crush I have on him for realz or (more importantly) how much of a crush he has on me. But aesthetically he is really very good looking. And on paper he possibly a babe of my life.
We sat outside and drank at Last Temptation. There was still a patio umbrella and some chairs, so it seemed proper to sit out there. And it was really nice out, in a cold way.
Joda and Nigel are hippies. And, boy, do I need more hippies. I'm not sure they are as funny as us - but they are fun. I like Joda a lot because he just seems quite happy and nice. And they both have a kind of delicate way of speaking...
Nigel walked me home and we chatted and I didn't invite him in.

Today I've been trying to work on my magazine. Good plan since I'm planning on launching it (like a rocket!) next weekend. Hmm... we'll see if that gets itself together. It's much easier having my own printer though - I think this issue will be better looking.

I need a new computer. It's the only thing I want (that's a lie). But it's the thing I want more than most anything else. I want to make movies on it and mostly make music and edit my TV show on it and play on it and become a huge computer geek.

Day off tomorrow! So I really am planning to get this house into some sort of decent shape. In order to get to the actual cleaning and organizing and packing everything up very nicely so that when I come back in January I can start fresh.

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