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2005.01.24 12:17 p.m.

note: i didn't change the password on the other diary, it was just still messed up from the diaryland-sucking thing. let me know if it's still not working?

i was more social this weekend then i've been since i got here.

friday we went to erica's for lunch and movie (which i'm off to do again, right away here.), we watched shrek 2, and yeah, the puss in boots character was pretty awesome. the whole thing was pretty good. it was exactly what i was expecting.
and we made pizza (i.e.: put frozen pizza in the oven) and then it fell off and then it lit on fire. good times.
oh yeah and then we ate sooooo many jelly beans until we all felt quite ill.

friday night i went to the fuse room to see david play but he played early and i only ended up seeing two songs. and i missed the one about the heart in the jar which is my favorite. priscilla, jenn, and park were all there and then alisinian came later. it was pretty fun. i do kinda like park, he's so.......yeah. i don't know. some horrible people played and priscilla got overly-drunk. then alisin and i went and hung out with too-row at my house for awhile and then we went to utopia with pris and jenn. that was soo good. we had fries and nachos. utopia fries are the best because of the flavoured mayos (garlic dill=love) and veg gravy. so, yeah, i clogged a few arteries.

it was nice seeing alisin. there's good things about having someone familiar around. and there's too many people here that i'm eternally getting to know.

saturday i slept all day. and watched tv. but mostly slept. and then me and chala went to see anoth erblued oor at sneaky dee's. oh fun. oh i remember what i like about toronto. that band is so good. but for reals. and me and chala danced and i tried hard not to care that no one else was dancing. it is a shame when people don't dance to good music anymore. i was happy to see nathan too, it seems like at some point we should actually be friends.
and i talked to hilary for a bit after, which was pretty neat. she's the singer's girlfriend that i talk to over the interweb but have never really interacted with in real life. she was neat though, and i was awkward (surprise!).

sunday i went to missisauga with katrina to see her boyfriend play hockey. it was surprisingly fun. i didn't yell that many annoying things. mostly just 'hurry hard' and 'have a heart' and 'you're all giant babies'.
katrina is an awesome person to spend time with and i'm glad i went with her because i would have wanted someone to go with me.
we had big talks about everything school and love related. always interesting.

i have one peice of exciting, spirt-lifting news:
chala booked an international dove face cream commercial.
at last word she didn't know all the details, but she's shooting today so i should know more soon. in any case she'll make a good chunk of change. and buy me prezzies.

everyone in my class is getting scary-skinny. i'm not really sure why i hadn't noticed until now..but it's making me nervous. i am quite scared of 'the business'.

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