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2006.04.01 2:08 p.m.

April fools!

This is the two year anniversary of having my apartment. That's kind of neat.
I should do something to celebrate. Like clean it.

I can't believe I've been back for three months already. Too ridiculous.

I wasn't really expecting to go out yesterday. But Priscilla decided we were. So I met her at Utopia - which I really don't go to enough. At all. Luckily my favorite waiter (also named David wtf) still remembers me. That place is so crazily small and ill-planned out. But in an awesome way. And they always play the best music.

Then Priscilla invited herself and her friend Pippa over. But I wasn't expecting company.. and, like I said, I live in squalor. So Priscilla helped me clean up quickly before Pippa got there, which was good because I'd never met Pippa before and that would just be embarrassing - her coming into my pig-sty.
So Pippa came and brought wine (which I added mango juice and frozen stawberries to) and we sat around and I felt a bit fancy.
I really like Pippa, I decided. She's very kind of straight-foward and deadpan and funny. And she brought wine.

Then Jenn came and met us and we went to Clinton's to see this band that Prisicilla's old friend Brian-soapy (he used to work at lush. he also used to live above themarkinside - what a small city) is in. Called Tin Bangs. I think I might have seen them before playing with Sweetthing but I don't really remember.
They were babes. The front man looked a little like Jim Morrison. In a hot way.
Priscilla and I danced. Danced pretty much the whole set - which is the way I like it. No one else dances and it's such dancable music. For realz. What's wrong with people..

Then I ditched Priscilla to go hang out with Paul. Cause that's what I do.
Why are there so many P-names in this story?

This morning I watched My Super Sweet Sixteen on MTV canada. What an awful show!!! I tried to make Alex and Paul pay attention too but Alex kept yelling at it. We also watched a bit of a nature show on seals. It gave me more good ideas for my nature show on BABES.

It is delightfully clouded and windy out. I need to go open all the windows and bundle in bed.

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