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2004.12.28 3:27 p.m.

when the first cup of coffee tastes like washing up she knows she's losing it.


mmmm birthday party. my party was really really fun. i'm so glad that so many people i <3 came. what little lovelies. serious.
i really missed some people though. what the eff?

yesterday was hot in general. i went for lunch with the twinsies and chala and we all got married because we're family really anyways.
and they're all such good present givers! ashley gave me this hot photo cube/box from bombay company with a hillarious picture of us in it (and chocolate!) and amy gave me a gift certificate to fruits and passions and now i can have more of my sweet sweet lemonvanilla sweetness and for that i am glad. and chala gave me these bracelets made from blue and white china beads. they will match my kitchen at home (and my kitchen here of course).
what sweet girls they are. those twins are so much fun and so strange because we're so disconnected from current lives but the back stories are so rich and so there's this innate sense of what's what and how things go..
i love them girls very much.

then i went home and did stuff for a bit. mmm crafties. and i got ready for my party and curled my hair (why is your hair done?).

then i went to niki's and we chilled. kicked it you know. and almost ate all the party food before anyone got there. i wish i had some more hummous right now.
niki and i wore almost matching outfits. quel suprise! (that's french.)
then people started coming over. i like it when the different people i know interact. it's funny when people only know each other because of me. and it's funny when people i know know each other.

so many pretties were there. what darlings. for serious though.
and people i didn't really expect like const and jpr and mattdean.
and people that i love and don't get to see enough of. not that i got to spend quality time with anyone really (except fraser). but i still have a bit of time before i leave. hopefully kind of.

people i need to spend quality time with still:
-melissa. -ellen. -stevedave. -carlan. -maggi. -jamie.
-mattdean. -const. -twinsies. -john. -jpr (obviously.)
well, mostly everyone actually.
all the time.

the party was pretty brilliant though. carlan gave me the sweetest 'official' santa watching glasses and i got a bunch of musics for which i am extra thankful. mixes are my favoritefavorite.

it was so strange because it was in the same house as last year and yet the house was completely re-done. it confused some people. and was interesting. i liked it.

i wish i'd gotten to spend more time with everyone there.

i liked it when it was just me and joel and fraser and willrobbins left and we sat around. that was nice. it's been awhile since i was up till four a.m.

me and niki slept in today. well, she got up and went and did stuff at one point and we both got up to make the dogs and cats be quiet.. but i didn't get out of bed really until 1.30. it's been so long since i've done that. it was awesome. i want to sleep some more.

chala's having a dinner party tonight. it might be hottt. i think that niki and willrobbins and const are all coming so at least i'll have people to entertain me.

i should find bread to bring.

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