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disclaimer: this is the life and times of meredith r. mistletoe. i'm making a slight attempt to disguise my identity and hide things that i write about and pretend i don't feel things i do. but if you read this and i don't know you read it, then you read it at your own risk. and you should let me know you're reading it... especially because a lot of the time things need clarifying or aren't quite true anymore or etc etc etc.

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2007.05.04 2:12 p.m.

New /private entry.

Luckily I did end up being called in to work at Big Chill last night. So I didn't have to feel guilty. And today is my last day off before a fourteen day working stretch (if not longer..). So I refuse to feel guilty. But I really really really am going to clean the house. For real this time. Except I'd much rather chill on the balcony and read all my books and stuff. And watch all the movies I got from the library and catch up on TV.

Yesterday I sun-tanned on the balcony for quite awhile. And read my book. I managed not to burn.. I'm feeling just a touch crispy. And delicious. I'm wondering if it's vitamin D that I'm lacking.
Moving all the patio furniture at Big Chill is not doing much for my bruising.

I watched The Prince and Me, starring Julia Stiles. It was terrible. Really. The only good part (and it was great. Of course) was John Bourgeois. But no, really, the movie? Whoa. How did that even get made?

After work I went for beer with Sophia to Sneaky Dee's. Unfortunately they had a special on beer and nachos. So I ate way too much way too late at night.

Lately I'm into long baths at night. I like soaking for a really long time. And I like staying up ridiculously late reading.

Today I'm eating (veggie) wieners and beans and thinking of Bev. A lot of the food I'm eating these days reminds me of her. I think I'd like to send my kids to a family daycare... when I have kids, I mean, and not any time soon.

Oooh. Guess how many airmiles I got at the grocery store yesterday? Fifty! Now I have way way more yogurt than I'll ever need.. but at least it's delicious. And at least I got sooo many airmiles.

Maybe I'll divvy my day: 1 hour doing-nothing, 1 hour working, repeat. Except it will only turn into 3 hours doing-nothing, 5 minutes cleaning until I get bored and lie down...

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