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2005.06.04 7:12 p.m.

i'm at priscilla's. i fed her cats because she's gone.

today i slept. and was in a pissy mood.

fraser's here and i'm being a terrible host. sometimes i just get in moods and then the moods want to get worse and worse. and i get mean. oh god.

i really did sleep all day and i have no interest in doing/seeing anything. or eating or anything really.
wow. the apathy is taking over.

i was just talking to nathan though and apparantly carthom's new band is playing tonight and that might be interesting.

and thema rkinsi de and abd are both playing a couple of times right away here. geez i love nxne.

last night we had the showcase viewing. yeah where we viewed the showcase we did live a couple of months ago. wow my face was big projected on that screen.
they gave us each a copy of the showcase on dvd, which was awesome. and pauldolan, our favorite techie gave me a secret extra copy to send to my mum. hhahaha nice.

we partied at devon's afterwards and it was totally fun. i flirted with a lot of people and got messed up on other people's intoxicants.
yeah. there's some people i really like in my program.
and it seems like the program's getting better just as we're leaving. probably to make us recommend it other people.

okay i have to go home now.

hopefully i'll become a better person.

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