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2007.11.26 3:01 p.m.

I have a new babe in my life. An iPod babe. He's pretty dreamy. The best part about him is how his back is like a mirror.
Well, maybe the best part about him is the music. Maybe.
I've never even owned a discman, let alone any sort of mp3 player. I still have a couple of walkmans though. So my tapes are still valid possessions. No reason to throw them out.

Can't believe it's been so long since I've updated. I've been busy? Not really. It's just that there's always a babe over here distracting me.
No, I've been busy too. I'm glad to have today off to compute and stuff. I'm feeling like maybe making dinner for my date and I. We'll see if that happens. I wouldn't count on it.

Especially after the madness which was the Grey Cup. Yeah, I guess I'm glad Saskatchewan won. I mean, that's good. I got a couple of necklaces. But, jesus, any large crowd is too annoying. Especially when I'm trying to unlock my bike in the middle of a giant rally (WE WON THE CUP WE WON THE CUP WE WON THE CUP, etc). Especially when they've knocked my bike the ground and are standing on parts of it. But my faith in Saskatchewanians was restored when a group of them all rallied around me to help me and my bike out of the melee.
Working the damn game was also a little over-the-top stressful. Especially since I had to work in the VIP bar, which means no money. But they wanted their best workers so me and Stacy brought it. And we pulled it off pretty beautifully, I'd say. I was even in an alright mood by the end. Our boss told us that he's going to try and get us some extra moneys for it. Those fucking cart girls though, they're the ones who did the best. Luckies.

OMG I want everyone to play their moves on Scrabulous so that I can play mine!

I'm starting to work coat-check at the fancy hotels downtown. Sam, my Big Chill boss, runs them. It's good in that I can say yes or no to shifts. But good god damn did I forget how much I really hate doing coat-check. It's so ridiculous. Mostly the length of the shifts. It's ridiculous. And the woman who manages them is already pulling the same kind of guilt-trip manipulation stuff that Sam pulls. Don't get me wrong, I love Sam. I really enjoy Sam now that I don't feel responsible to him and now that I'm good at avoiding his manipulation. But I hate when people pull that with me. The woman told me it'd be a four-hour training shift and then just didn't let me go home. So about six hours in I told her that I'd have to leave. She was expecting me to stay until 2:30 in the morning. That would've been a ten hour shift. Too much. Also there seemed to be a distinct lack of breaks there. And I hadn't prepared for that sort of shift and was overly-starved by the time I made it out of there.

Also, I hate working in fancy places. I'd rather attend fancy places and be fancy myself. I don't like service. This surprises no one.
I worked some sort of Scottish ball and I really really wanted to be going to it. I'm Scottish! There were lovely lovely kilts and giant shiny dresses.
Lately I've been longing for culture and heritage.
I should go eat some toffee or something.

I went for dinner at Note-Boat's mother's house on Friday. With his brother + girlfriend. It was pretty intense. I was just feeling fragile and not up to interacting properly I think. Who knows if they liked me? I guess it doesn't really matter. N-B made such a good dinner though. Eggplant parmesan and mushroom risotto and other good stuff. I love food.
It's hard entering into a situation where everyone is Best Friends and I am the outsider. I've never been good at meeting people or at being in situations where I feel uncertain.
I should grow up.

N-B met all my friends too last week. He came with me to SarahB's CD release and there were lots of peeps there. And he came and met me at the wrap party for Tearwater Tea. Yeah. We've been hanging out too much. As you can well imagine. And things are never as smooth with me as you'd want them to be, but I'm getting better.

I baby-sat Ana for the first time in awhile on Friday. Her aunt was having a baby so I picked Ana up from school and we played for a bit and then I took her down to the hospital to meet them. There's something about labour and new babies and tired mothers that makes me want to weep. Any sort of intense vulnerability gets to me. And any sort of mothering makes me tear up.

SarahJane came back from Mexico and brought me a talisman against broken hearts. She said she bought it from the oldest ugliest woman she could find, so it must be real.

There are lots of things that I'm missing writing about on here. But I do not feel like writing. I have a sneaking feeling that I might be really depressed these days, I just can't admit to it. Since, because I'm happy with N-B then what would I have to be sad about?

At least Christmas is coming coming coming coming coming so soon. And I've booked my flights home and I'm so excited to see my mum! And I think I'm going to go shopping today. Because I need to get it all done and at this rate no one's getting anything... And that would be terrible.

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