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2006.05.21 11:53 a.m.

Well, I'm sick. It's official. I've been trying to deny it.. but I have a cough and a sore throat and I feel off.
My tastebuds aren't working properly. That's kind of cool.

I did end up going to see Jamie's band on Friday, even though Miamo didn't come. Nathanael did though and he's always amusing. It was a pretty good dance party.
Rebecca and her friend Gwyneth were there. Rebecca is seeing Morgan who is Jamie's roommate (and also in the film program). I like Rebecca and Gwyneth because they are immediately friendly and funny, which is remarkable amongst girls.
We were going to try and do karaoke in the middle of their set.. but we restrained ourselves. I also almost talked them into line-dancing (mmm boot scoot and boogy).

Nathanael and I sat outside afterwards talking about how shoes were REALLY in fashion this season and commenting on everyones shoes. Mostly we were quoting this latest model cartoon. Also quoting Salad Fingers, specifically this episode. Well, well worth watching.
People really just felt like we were making fun of them. But we weren't!
If anything we were mocking ourselves.

Nathanael has become quite homophobic lately on account of how his gay roommate keeps trying to seduce him (not very subtly either).
Guys'll do that. It's so funny how guys react to other guys hitting on them, when girls go through that all the time.
Case in point: after leaving Nathanael that night I had 1.5 blocks to walk and I got called out to by two different men with "hey how you doing"s. And that's to me, I'm sure if could be much worse
Sucks that it's making Nathanael homophobic. Sucks that we're not all just attracted to people who're attacted to us.

Being a girl is hard and I don't want to get projects because of boys who want to get involved with me. But where's the difference I guess..
You find someone attractive because of their talent? Or you think someone's talented because you're attracted to them?
I mean, it's silly because the film industry is overly driven by men and men choose actors based on who they want to stick it in.. And I'd like to work because I'm good (if I am at least.. and if not then I will totally settle for anything I can get)

I've noticed that lately most of my friends are boys. Hmmm

Usually I'm all about drama but these days I'm feeling kind of.. done

Yesterday Ali and I went to Christina's house to do her son Eddie's headshots. I meant to back off and let Ali get in there and work basically as art director. But I did end up taking a bunch. Got them developed last night. I got cocky. I have to not trust my light so well (get that lightometer fixed), and it would help if I would take the time to focus. That being said I got a few nice ones.. I'm not sure if any of them are up to par though... I'll be interested to see what Ali got. I shot in colour and she in B&W.

It was great hanging out with Christina and Eddie and David. I really love that family. David especially, I'm kind of in awe of him. He has my dream career, no seriously, go look at his imdb page. Not that Christina's isn't impressive as well. But David has the ability to make his own projects now. To choose what he gets to work on. He's heading to the Banff television conference this year to pitch the idea for the show "Party Boys" which is like the adventures of the aged Hardy Boys.. well past their prime.
It looks really good.

They have such a great house with big windows and stained glass and copper lights in the garden and a rooftop deck.
They fed us chips and salsa and brie and crackers and olives stuffed with garlic and beer and it was so nice, just sitting around with them. And they seem to genuinely get along, you know? Enjoy each other as a family.

Yeah, my dream life okay

Last night I watched some TV and felt ill.. who knows why.

Today I'm going to a movie with Melissa and her mum (I'm excited to see them!), we're going to see what could be come a Canadian coming-of-age classic. I love coming-of-age!!!!
Shit now I've got my hopes up and I'll be disapointed.

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